SGA Watch

This week in Senate, SGA President senior Rob Sobelman reported on new developments both with the Colgate GMail switchover and the parking situation in the townhouse complex. The GMail switchover is going smoothly and SGA is working to turn over another one hundred students to the new system this week. He reported that all of the technical issues have been accounted for and corrected. As for new news on the parking situation in the townhouse complex, students should note that Campus Safety will be cracking down on illegal parking at the townhouses. Residents and visitors should note this and park at the townhouses with caution. Additionally, Senate held the final University Governance Committee elections. The Senate elected first-year Austin Schwartz and sophomore Javi Diaz to the Committee on Admissions & Financial Aid. The Senate also elected first-year Max Weiss to the Committee on ALANA Affairs.

SGA Senate Meetings are held weekly from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in 105 Lawrence (Ho Lecture Room), and are open door unless closed by majority vote by Senate.