The Descent

Jaime Coyne

One day we’ll get there,The top of the mountain,The long journey endingWith cheers and applause.We’ll break out the wine,And then get to talkingAnd realize there areNo greater mountains to climb -But all this in silence,not a word to admitthere is nowhere to go but down.We’ll keep running our mouthsAbout impossible trailsThat never existed to take.We’ll build up dream pathsThat lead into thin airAnd end with a resounding thud.Still, we’ll try to journey on,Make a path in the sky,Tread on the clouds andDisrupt the angels,Never looking back,Scorning our last stepAs not good enough, not far enough.But one day we’ll stumble,We’ll look behind us,And realize we’re standing on air -Air we’re too good for,Air obsolete on the journeyThat we venture for -And our faith based solelyOn personal motivesWill crumble in the faceOf this harsh reality.Down we will fall,Downward, straight downward,Into the depths of despair,As we find that our pretentious creationsCan’t help us walk through the air.Never, on the journey up,Did we consider the terrible descent.Never did we think to glanceDown the other side of the mountainAnd see what fate awaited us at the bottom,Or where the journey would end.