Jaime Coyne

What do you doWhen the laughter stops?What do you doWhen the fun ends?How do you face the truthWhen you’ve been deluding yourselfAllAlong?How do you dealWhen everything changes?Do you hold onDesperatelyTo what you have leftAnd pretend it hasn’t changed?How do you convince yourselfThe best days of your lifeAre really over?How can you help butPretend?What do you haveWhen everything is lostAnd you know it canNeverBeFound?What is left of youWhen everything you areBecomes nothing you have?When does that smileStop being a mask, aLie?Can you ever forgetYourselfAnd become a whole newSomeoneElse?And if you start beingAnother personHave you trulyLostEverything?