In The Light – Wil Redmond

Betty Jo Roby

“You have to take charge of your experience,” senior Wil Redmond said about his time at Colgate University.

Redmond has done just that, becoming heavily involved with Brothers even before his first semester. His advisors at Colgate’s Office of Undergraduate Studies summer session were involved in the creation of the organization, and Redmond has been an active participant ever since. He describes Brothers as the most meaningful organization he has been involved with and is Vice President this year.

Expect to see him all over campus: Redmond was a member of the recent search committee for the Dean of the College, is a Steward for University Church, and a member of Konosioni. He began working as a student worker for Campus Safety last year, and is a Student Coordinator this year.

Dancefest is an important event for Redmond because he is involved with three different dance groups: Kumba, Groove and Trouble. He was also on Colgate’s Varsity Football Team his first and second years here, and began running track just last year. Despite his late start on the track team, Redmond became a captain this year.

Redmond was a George Cobb Fellow twice. “The biggest honors I’ve received have been Konosioni, captain of the track team, and just respect on campus. I think that respect is the biggest reward anyone can get,” Redmond said.

The Religion classes Redmond has taken have also meant a lot to him. He said that although he always comes back to this department, he has enjoyed taking Political Science and Philosophy classes, as well.

“That’s the great part of a liberal arts degree-everything ties in,” Redmond said.

After Colgate, Redmond is considering applying to Teach for America because of his concern that many public schools lack quality teachers. Eventually he wants to go back to the high school he attended in Miami, Florida to teach. However, he wants to go to seminary to become an ordained minister first.

“I think ordination is important. That’s why we’re here in college, to get a better understanding of people,” Redmond admitted.

Redmond’s only regret from his time at Colgate is that he did not study abroad, but he tries not to dwell on things that cannot be changed.

“If something goes wrong, you move on. You won’t always be able to fix it,” Redmond said.

Redmond believes in doing what you love.

“If you’re passionate about something, do it-not because it looks good on a resume.”