Spotlight ONStage!



In the past, the Palace Theatre in downtown Hamilton has been one of the most under-utilized venues on the Colgate campus. Thanks to the Palace’s ONStage! Program that will be changing this year. Patricia Von Mechow, the program coordinator of the new ONStage! program at the Palace, is bringing a fun and unique sequence of live theatre and comedy acts to the Hamilton community.

Performers will come from the national, regional, and local levels. There are currently eight performances scheduled for this year from a wide variety of areas and backgrounds.

The first two, which have already been performed by were local groups, were Just Desserts on September 29th and The Chocolate War on September 30th. Both were sold out, standing-room only performances. The next show in the series was an all-female quartet of “cocktail pop” singing women known as the Lascivious Biddies, who performed over Parent’s Weekend.

Before their ONStage! performance the Lascivious Biddies said that they were thrilled to be a part of the new Hamilton theatre tradition.

The quartet, based out of New York City have been singing together for 6-7 years. The group is composed of bassist Saskia Lane, lead vocalist LeeAnn Westover, pianist Deidre Rodman and guitarist Lily Maase.

Lane did not hesitate to share that she and the rest of the Lascivious Biddies were delighted to be performing as a part of the new ONStage! program at work in Hamilton.

“We are really attracted to intimate community venues like this,” Lane said. “We love traveling and exploring small towns like Hamilton. Venues like the Palace always offer us a warm welcome.”

Von Mechow started the ONStage! program last August when she began working at the Palace. Her goal for the program was to bring live theatre to the area, and that she has done. She wants to work with Colgate students and faculty to program and bring in live acts for both private and public events. Von Mechow, as a great fan of live theatre, has this to say about the ONStage! program.

“We are bringing in acts that everyone will enjoy,” Von Mechow said. “I want people to leave feeling good, relaxed, entertained and having enjoyed a great evening.”

Von Mechow makes you believe in the “energy and electricity” that good live theatre brings to an audience, and her excitement about these upcoming ONStage! events really translates into wonderfully entertaining shows.

Coming up this year with ONStage! are: Songs For a New World (11/8-12/07), National Comedy Theater (11/10/07), The Uncanny Appearance of Sherlock Holmes (3/1/08), Intergalactic Nemesis (4/5/08), and An Evening With Groucho (5/3/08).

Von Mechow is most looking forward to Intergalactic Nemesis, which is a story set during the 1940s and acted out as if a radio show. This includes mock commercials with advertisements for local businesses. Imagine 1940s characters advertising and selling you a delicious NY “Slice” or a new refrigerator from Perry’s. And then enters a gentleman from the year 2015 who transported back in time to the 1940s. The mix makes for a terrific show, and one well worth checking out. The shows also come at great prices to both Colgate students and the local community.

Von Mechow is especially excited about mixing the Colgate community with the local community.

“I don’t see two separate communities here in Hamilton. I view the community as one. I want to see Colgate students sitting next to Hamilton locals at all of these performances,” Von Mechow remarked.

If you are interested in learning more or want to attend any of the upcoming ONStage! performances check out the website at: or contact Patricia Von Mechow at 315-824-1420.