In The Light – Drew Morrison

Amanda Fox

Drew Morrison knew that Colgate was the school for him months before he enrolled. While in high school, Morrison visited the campus over fall break.

“I went to look at Colgate and it was a beautiful fall day and guys were playing Frisbee,” Morrison said. “I visited twelve or thirteen other schools after, but I kept comparing all of them to Colgate.”

The Scarsdale, New York native certainly made the right choice; he is involved in a variety of activities on campus and has made Colgate his home away from home. Morrison is a member of the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon and described his experience with his brothers as a “really important part of my time here.” Morrison also became involved with Sidekicks, even mentoring basketball Coach Davis’ son. In addition, Morrison is Vice President of the Colgate Student Government Association (SGA), presiding over weekly meetings of the senators.

He offered a word of advice to first-years: “It’s alright if you didn’t do much this year,” Morrison said. “I didn’t join SGA until spring of my sophomore year. You want a strong foundation before you jump in.”

Morrison took his own advice to heart, citing the constant group of friends he has maintained since he arrived on campus. He recalled his first-year at Colgate,

“Elements of my life have changed, but I have still mainained my roots.”

Morrison opted to major in Political Science after his pre-med plans fell through. He laughed about his chemistry grade: “I told my parents I got a D for Drew.”

He is now finishing a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.

Yet Morrison is certainly ready to get off campus. “As you grow older, you realize the monotony of your life. I’ve done what I’ve wanted to do. I’m ready to move on,” he said.

Morrison’s post-graduate plans are tentative. He learns this week whether or not he has earned a position as a core member of Teach For America. The organization is a two-year commitment that “targets successful leaders with undergraduate degrees to teach poor areas.” While Morrison does not plan on making a career out of education he does want to work to close the “educational gap in America.”

Morrison added one final word about his experience at Colgate University:

“It’s met everyone of my expectations and exceeded them.”