Starbucks to Open Fall ’07

Colgate University’s decision to add a cafe with Starbucks Coffee products to the Everett Needham Case Library and Geyer Center for Information Technology is definite. When open, the Hieber Cafe is expected to serve Starbucks beverage and food choices – including drip coffee, espresso drinks, baked goods, and some pre-made sandwiches and salads – under the We Proudly Brew Starbucks moniker.

“We don’t know when for sure it will be open, but definitely by the beginning of next semester,” Retail Manager for Sodexho Food Services Dan Fravil said.

According to Colgate University librarian Joanne Schneider, the Hieber Cafe will be on the fifth level of Case-Geyer. Though the cafe itself is not planned to be open on a 24-hour basis, the space is part of the building that will be open for around-the-clock studying. Vending machines will be available for when the cafe is closed.

Analyzing recent trends in studying and learning among college students, Mark Spiro, Vice President for Administration, librarians and other members of the Case Library & Geyer Center for Information Technology Planning Committee pursued the construction of a Starbucks-brand cafe.

“We know from surveys that even though there is increasing availability of digital books, most undergraduates prefer to read paper books or digital journal articles that they have printed,” Schneider said. “The popularity of the cafes in bookstores have attested to this along with students using them who have said they prefer using them over their dry college or university library.”

As Colgate University’s coursework continues to emphasize and demand more analytical work and group projects, librarians hope that the cafe will provide a space for effective collaboration and face-to face discussion.

“Academic libraries are finally facing the reality that most studentsprefer to read, focus on and contemplate ideas over food and drink. Cafes provide a pleasant social space with food to encourage such exchanges. We wanted the cafe in Case-Geyer to be something really special,” Schneider said.

Measuring 400 square feet, the cafe should provide ample space for study.

As the construction of the cafe proceeds there is rising concern among some students about the possible competition between the Starbucks-brand cafe and The Barge Canal Coffee Company, which serves Green Mountain Coffee Co. products.

“We should open up a branch of the Barge instead,” senior Daniel Prial said.

Nevertheless, many students are excited about having a Starbucks right on campus.

“I have the Internet here, and now Starbucks – what else do I need?” first-year Arpitha Peteru said.