WRCU Review – Rock Review

Jack Menjel

Menomena’s puts out its fast-paced, funk-based, indie-pop release to kick off 2007 with a bang. Though only a three-piece band, Menomena creates a noticeably full sound through their homemade looping system, which allows the band to produce their uniquely crisp instrumental sounds while being experimental, moving in and out of many genres.

The merit of songs is no longer determined by the so-called “wow” factor a la The Who and Zeppelin. Screamingly loud guitars, heavy drums and powerful bass lines are no longer new and inspiring, making the artistic value of an album vital to its success. Menomena does this task by bringing in its simple, yet inspiring sound, and letting its writing do the shocking.

Specifically, their loop system separates them from the pack because they can perform as a power trio, but still bring the heat of a five-piece band. Essentially, this album hits the catchy, the abstract and the utterly concrete Talking Heads-like sound.

In particular, the song “Evil Bee” (# 10) is the band’s most accessible track, with a Coltrane-esque saxophone filling their pure-sounding drummer’s beat.The song fades in and out, essentially starting over multiple times and then going back to the sax. Then the band takes off. Menomena has hit all the corners of modern indie rock, and have started 2007 off well. They will be competing with highly anticipated releases from bands like Wilco, Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem.