Unpopular Opinion: I Love Finals Week

Kara Schindler, Maroon-News Staff

This is a real hot take, I know. But honestly, I think I’m onto something, so hear me out.

1. Crippling amounts of school work aside, this is some of the most beautiful weather our blizzard-burned eyes have ever seen. The only thing more beautiful than walking out of Case at the end of a long day is walking out of Case and seeing a breathtaking sunset over Taylor Lake. Not to mention giving your eyes a break from seeing the Canada Goose logo on every sleeve of this campus.

2. Speaking of giving your eyes a break, finals week also makes it socially acceptable to wear sweatpants and look terrible in public, which is something I personally look forward to every semester.

3. This one is going to sound nerdy, but there’s something extremely satisfying about tying up the loose ends in all your classes. Most of the time, things actually start to make sense. (Or they make a lot less sense and you get to experience the thrilling challenge of teaching yourself five months of material in one night). Either way, you’ll learn something. And isn’t that what we’re here for?

4. Cubicle Wars keep things lively. As any Econ major will tell you, the laws of supply and demand do, in fact, apply to everything, including cubicles. The sudden influx of non-library goer’s puts a real strain on poor Case and creates some thrilling conflict. If you have never 1) moved someone’s stuff, 2) had your own stuff moved, or 3) watched two girls with Dunkin iced coffees in hand fight to the death for a glorified cave, then you’re in for a real treat.

5. Speaking of treats, free food becomes a campus-wide epidemic. I’m definitely not mad about it. I mean if you’re not going to eat Slices all summer, might as well eat it every day of your last week here.

6. Hard times really do bring people together. Finals week is prime time for making friends. Suddenly, you’re sitting in a review session and everyone is looking at each other with the same blank and terrified look like we’re all about to go to war and before you know it, sliding into someone’s DMs to ask for a study guide actually becomes academically and socially acceptable.

7. Everything suddenly looks really awesome once you realize you’re not gonna see it again for a while. Finals week is a great time to look around and appreciate how great our school is. Say goodbye to the things you love, whether it’s Frank’s cereal selection or the graduating seniors, both of which I would gladly steal and take home with me in spite of legal repercussions. But in all honesty, and at the risk of ending this article on a cheesy note, this is a great week to reflect and say thank you. The free Slices in the library didn’t come from nowhere.

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