Phi Delts Explore Careers

Phi Delts Explore Careers

The New York Zeta Chapter at Colgate University held its First Annual Phi Delta Theta Career Seminar in New York City on January 12. Approximately 100 alumni and 20 juniors and seniors from the Phi Delta Theta fraternity were in attendance.

The seminar included a panel discussion with Colgate graduates Mark Moyer, Class of ’86, and Bruce Clayton, Class of ’89. They spoke with the students from an employer’s perspective, providing tips on entering into the work world, and giving interviews. After the panel, the students and alumni divided into sub-groups, which allowed the juniors and seniors to ask specific questions on a variety of potential career paths such as law, finance, real estate and publishing.

Mr. Conrad F. Thiede, Vice President of Development at The Phi Delta Theta Educational Foundation, described the event as one meant to forge a bond between the graduate and undergraduate members of the Colgate Chapter.

“The discussions focused on how the undergraduates can get where they want to go in life as a Colgate graduate,” Thiede said. “What steps do they need to take? We were able to share our real life experiences with them. It was mainly a discussion of ‘how I got here, and how you can.'”

“The alumni hope to create a database of undergraduate students who want to be made aware of opportunities such as internships,” Thiede continued. “Next year we’re going to do mock-interviews, and give the undergraduates pointers on where they did well, and what they can polish. We’d like to have two of these a year to help the students prepare for their post-graduation plans.”

Mark Pettit, junior and president of Colgate’s undergraduate chapter, also praised the fraternity.

“The events were a major success and demonstrated that Phi Delta Theta truly is a fraternity for life,” Pettit said. “It was great to see so many alumni interested in helping students explore their career options. We look forward to building on this momentum for next year.”

Thiede seemed to share in this enthusiasm, explaining everything that the New York Zeta Chapter hopes to do for the students going forward.

“This Colgate Phi Delta alumni group has to be one of the best and most prepared for seeing the things this chapter can do,” Thiede said. “Right now, we’re working to get them internships, as well as fund those internships and other philanthropic opportunities. We want to branch out and give the students everything they need to be better campus citizens. Hopefully, they’re bringing everything they’ve learned at these events back.