Greek Awards 2007

Marin Cohn

Contrary to popular belief, Greek life at Colgate is not all about partying. In fact, Greek life contributes to the Colgate Community as a whole, hosting social and philanthropic events for the entire campus. The Greek Awards, which took place last Thursday, is a way for the efforts of the Greek organizations to be recognized.

Every semester, fraternities sponsor parties, catered by local companies, designed to offer the Colgate community a way to come together and to intermingle outside of classes. The largest, and arguably the most popular, of these events is Spring Party Weekend which features bands, vendors and rides (such as the mechanical bull at Phi Delta Theta).

However, the Greek organizations also put a tremendous effort into their philanthropic work. In 2003-2004 the Panhellenic Association initiated the Up ‘Til Dawn fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and individual houses work to support local and national charities as well.

The Greek Awards acts as a way for the chapters to put their best feet forward and to be rewarded for their efforts. With awards such as “Outstanding New Member Educator”, “Outstanding Service to the Community”, “Most improved Chapter” and “Outstanding Risk Management Program”, the Greek organizations truly get to display their best and brightest.

In addition to handing out awards, the Greek Awards put emphasis on the new member period and the efforts that each Greek organization makes to the recruitment process. The formal recruitment period is a particularly stressful period for many potential new members — going from house to house, confused and nervous yet curious and excited.

While many people do not know of Kappa Delta Rho [KDR]as it is not currently active on campus, its efforts actively contributed to making the new member period run smoothly and effectively. In line with philosophy of Greek life at Colgate, it worked with Kappa Kappa Gamma [Kappa] and enabled the sorority to use its house for the recruitment period.

As many know, Kappa does not own a sorority house on Broad Street, and this often proves to be an obstacle during formal recruitment. Because of KDR’s efforts, Kappa was able to overcome this obstacle and to participate in recruitment with the other Greek-letter organizations.

Congratulations to all those who received awards and for making Greek organizations an active participant in campus life! I look forward to all of the upcoming events we have in store for us — from the Greek — sponsored Breast Cancer Awareness catered cocktail party at Phi Kappa Tau to all of the great events coming Spring Party Weekend.