In the Light – Megan Biggar

Amanda Fox

Hailing from just outside Cleveland, Ohio, senior Megan Biggar had no doubts about attending Colgate four years ago.

“It was the first school I saw. I fell in love with it,” she admits affectionately. Biggar wanted a small, liberal arts school, and upon visiting the Colgate campus, decided, “the students were awesome, and it’s the most beautiful campus.”

Since that initial visit, Biggar has immersed herself in the Colgate community, becoming actively involved in a variety of campus activities. Aside from being a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Biggar has been a Link during orientation week. She also gives tours to prospective Colgate students. It seems to be the perfect job for her. “I love to talk about Colgate,” she confessed with a smile. In addition, Biggar recently took up club squash. Laughing at herself, Biggar says that she is a complete novice.

“I’m not really good at all,” she admits. “It’s a great group of people. And I’ll probably play for the rest of my life.”

After being so heavily involved in the Colgate community, Biggar is feeling the effects of her imminent departure.

“I’m sad, obviously. I can’t think about leaving Colgate,” Biggar said. Looking back she remembers her first year with great happiness.

“It was the most exciting time of my life,” she said. “It continues to get better, just so you know.”

Biggar is concentrating in Education and created her own communications minor. Her postgraduate plans include moving to Chicago or New York City. She plans to go into marketing or advertising with her degree.

While Biggar certainly will take a lot away from Colgate, she wishes that she had attended more lectures during her college experience. “I’m not going to have that when I leave,” she said. “You know, a lecture that is just a short walk away.”

Biggar also traveled abroad during the fall semester of her junior year. She studied in Florence, describing it as “the best semester of my life.” She encourages all Colgate students to do the same. She ends with a few more words of advice to first years.

“Get to know as many people as you can. There are so many great people at this school,” she stresses. “Keep expanding your network. You know, there are so many things I didn’t do that I wish I did, so take advantage.” And again, with that same slow smile she says, “Just have fun.”