In The Light – Matt Putts

For Matt Putts, Colgate has been a place to realize new interests and embark on a journey of self-exploration. Though originally planning on being pre-med, he is now a psychology major, concentrating mainly in the social and clinical psychology disciplines.

The connection between Putts’ list of extracurricular activities and his interest in health care is highly visible. As the student coordinator of the Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps (SOMAC), he controls the student side of the organization. In addition to his leadership at SOMAC, he is a supervisor at the First Response Squad. Putts is also an EMT at both volunteer organizations. His experiences at Colgate have certainly prepared him for his future.

“My EMT work and involvement in other activities has given me an idea of the health care system, and what works and what doesn’t work,” he said. “My interest in psychology has given me the idea of how people think and their motives. I believe this will all come together into something productive in my future.”

Actively involved in activities unrelated to health, he is the vice-president of the Newman Community, the Catholic community on campus, which he has been involved with for four years. He is also a member of the Colgate Advocates and plays the baritone horn in the Wind Ensemble.

Putts defines his Colgate experience simply as “quick.” Challenging in regards to both academics and activities, overall he describes his time here as fun.

“This was my four years to be here. I was so connected to everything I was doing that I would’ve felt like I was missing out had I left,” he said of opting to not study abroad. “I’ve met really interested and motivated people here. Colgate kids get stuff done. There are connections I’ve made here that I hope I’ll never lose, but I’ll miss having them on a day to day basis.”

While approaching his last semester at Colgate, plans for the future include earning a Masters degree in Public Health or Health Care Administration, after first taking a year off first to “get [his] foot in the door at a health care company and get some real experience before grad school.”

Putts offered these words of advice for underclassmen at Colgate:”Go out of your way to try new things, things that you couldn’t do in high school, or things that you’ve never even thought of doing. Don’t be afraid to try something new.”

His philosophy has certainly paid off.