Women’s Crew End Season On Sour Note

Last weekend marked the end of the fall season for the women of the Colgate crew team as they took three fours and one novice eight to the Syracuse Fall Challenge. Each varsity four competed twice on the 5k course in the women’s 4-A and 4-B races.

In the 4-A race, it was the C boat that crossed the finish first for the Raiders. Composed of first-years Allison Patchen (coxswain), Meredith Buerger, senior Lauren Realberg, sophomore Elizabeth Congdon, and junior Lyndsae Schneider, the boat posted a time of 21:51:98, putting it in seventh place out of thirteen boats.

Following the C by less than eight seconds were seniors Margaux Jackson (c), Lindsey Hochman, Kinsey Carlson, first-year Vicky Hulit and sophomore Catie Moore in the A boat, completing the race in 21:51.63. Then came the B boat of sophomores Bridget Henwood (c), Meredith Remmer, Sarah Kruse, Yasmin Rozwadowski, and senior Laura Lunn in twelfth place.

In the B flight, Colgate’s E boat (Patchen (c), Buerger, first-year Dana Curtis, Henwood, Congdon) took fourth with a time of 22:42:02. The D boat followed in seventh place fifteen seconds later. The Raider D consisted of Jackson (c), first-years Kaela Chow, Laura Crawford, Lauren Schmetterling and senior Emily Burton. Rounding out the Colgate team were Schneider (c), sophomores Melissa Madaio, Laura Browning, Kaelyn Lowmaster and first-year Laura London.

The ladies’ novice eight finished twelfth with a time of 23:58.63. The crew consisted of sophomores Ali Damico (c), Molly Kirk, Meeann Dingman, and Tory Glerum as well as first-years Emily Bradley, Jen Cahn, Ariel Bailey, Olivia Roat, Tory Glerum, and Emily Rawdon.

“Our performance this weekend was a little disappointing, only because we did not do as well against teams that we already beat earlier in the season,” Jackson said. “However, it was a good opportunity to do something new (race in 4s) and get a feeling for what we need to work on for the spring.”

This week the ladies begin their indoor winter training regime, but action will resume on the water again in March at Ithaca, NY.