Movie News and Reviews – Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month, a comedy set in a Costco-esque warehouse called SuperClub, fails to serve up laughs in bulk. Those hoping that producers Peter Abrams, Andrew Panay and Robert L. Levy have created the next Wedding Crashers with this flick are sure to be disappointed, though Employee of the Month manages to pull off a few funny moments thanks to popular comedian Dane Cook.

Cook plays the lazy but lovable lowly box-boy Zach, who instantly falls for the new transfer cashier Amy, played by Jessica Simpson. As word spreads that Amy will only date workers who win the Employee of the Month title, Zach is pitted against the over-achieving, obnoxious head cashier Vince (played by Dax Shepard, Punk’d) to win over the girl. Zach is up against stiff competition, as Vince is known as the “fastest hands in the Southwest,” for his circus-like cashier skills. Though Zach usually wants nothing to do with Vince or the Employee of the Month accolade, as soon as he puts effort into his job, he starts to give Vince a run for his money, racking up the daily gold stars. As Zach tries to impress Amy both in the workplace and out, he has to deal with changing relationships between his boss and friends.

In between the repetitive fat jokes, groin injuries, and examples of why Jessica Simpson should stick to singing and reality shows, a few quirky characters are able to provide some laughs. The interplay between boss Glenn Gary, played by Tim Badgley, and his brother and SuperClub corporation manager Glenn Ross, played by Danny Woodburn, is refreshingly funny, and fans of Napoleon Dynamite are sure to be pleasantly surprised by Efren “Vote For Pedro” Ramirez’s appearance as Vince’s loyal sidekick Jorge. Andy Dick is also funny as an almost-blind optician, Lon, one of Zach’s friends.

Employee of the Month provides an hour and a half of sub par comedy woven around the clich?e “the only failure is not trying,” message. However, the film offers a good break from studying, and provides a Dane Cook fix for any fans of his stand-up acts.