In the Light: Adam Dauda


Senior Adam Dauda

Originally from Ontario, Canada, senior Adam Dauda came to Colgate to continue his already successful ice hockey career.

As a forward on the Men’s Ice Hockey team, Dauda has scored 11 points just this past season between his five goals and six assists. Despite being an incredible asset to the Raiders, Dauda humbly reflects on his time on the team in terms of the memories and friendships he has made both in Starr Rink and in the new Class of 1965 Arena.

“Playing for the hockey team has let me make so many great friendships and allowed me to play in a lot of intense games all over the country. I don’t know many people [who] get to experience something like that, and I’m truly grateful for it,” Dauda said.

In addition to his full-time commitment to being a Division 1 athlete, Dauda is also a Community Leader (CL) at the Newell apartments. As a CL, Dauda has enjoyed getting to meet students and faculty outside of the athletics department.

“Not only have I been able to get closer to other CLs at Colgate, but I’ve also made friendships with other students whom I wouldn’t have otherwise connected with,” Dauda said.

Aside from his extracurricular activities, Dauda is completing his economics concentration this semester. Through the economics department, Dauda had the opportunity to go on an extended study to Xiamen University in China for 12 days after his sophomore year. During the trip, Dauda attended lectures on Chinese economics and learned about Chinese culture while exploring the city.

“It was one of the best trips of my life,” Dauda said.

From this life-changing experience, Dauda says that he learned to seize all of the opportunities around him. He advises other students to do the same, especially at Colgate where there are so many chances to go abroad or attend exciting events.

Another lesson Dauda says he will take with him from his time at Colgate is to avoid giving into social pressures to fit in with the crowd. He hopes that other students will stay true to themselves throughout their four years here instead of trying to compete socially.

“It’s important to not lose track of what’s important in your own life and what makes you happy,” Dauda said.

Dauda is excited to graduate and play hockey professionally, but knows he will miss all of the people he has met at Colgate.

“It really is a special place, and I hope everyone is proud to go here,” Dauda said.

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