Our Ongoing Identity Crisis

We would be nothing without our readers. In an effort to remain relevant to our readership, the Maroon-News staff spent a week last spring surveying members of the Colgate community. Now, big changes are afoot in response to those surveys.

In the past, the MN has been published on Friday afternoons, just in time for the start of the weekend when the last thing anyone wants to do is read. Period.

Introducing the new Thursday newspaper.

Another big change involves disribution. Despite our best efforts to deliver the paper to all parts of campus, by Monday morning beer-soaked or windblown copies of the paper would find their way to garbage cans, failing to make it through the weekend’s elements and into the hands of readers. Let’s face it: the entryways of first-year dorms and porches of the Townhouses are not the best places to leave newspapers.

This year, The Maroon-News will be available in all academic buildings, dining halls and libraries, as well as Huntington Gymnasium, Reid Athletic Center and several downtown businesses like Slices and The Barge. Pick up a copy before class, during a study break or just before you hit the treadmill.

Finally, for several years the Green Strides movement at Colgate has been calling on us to become more environmentally friendly. These changes have allowed us to reduce the number of copies we are printing each week, while still ensuring that copies will be available for all readers. To help our efforts to become “more green,” recycle used copies of the paper or return gently used copies to the stack.