It’s Something Unpredictable

In reference to the very first Maroon-News article I wrote in August of 2002, I can happily say that I am still in love.I honestly love everyone and everything here, and it is hard to fathom what life will be like next year. I am going to miss Colgate immensely, but it will forever remain that time in my life when we were carefree and blissful, eager to party and willing to work hard, prepared for challenges and in search of fun. Being a student here, an athlete here, a friend here, and most importantly myself here, has taught me more about life than I could have ever thought possible. Colgate is an intriguing place filled with inspirations and opportunities, and its rewards reach far beyond the borders of Central New York. Of course I am not quite ready to leave, but I’ll move on with the fondest memories, the best of friends, and the confidence that this campus will continue to buzz with excitement and promise.

I’ve contemplated how to write this senior commentary for some time now, and I think it’s best I leave you with a few lessons I’ve learned over the years. This is by no means a complete list nor necessary guidelines to follow, but rather a way to express my utmost appreciation for the people and experiences I care so deeply about.

SMILE- Life is too short and college goes by way too fast to be anything but happy. Take the great days with the bad, and realize people will remember your compliments more than your complaints. Light up this campus with your presence, let your laugh be contagious, and don’t be afraid to flash that “Colgate Smile” everyday… and maybe throw on some sequins or rhinestones for some extra flare J

WORK HARD- I have learned that anything and everything worth doing requires HARD WORK. Whether I’m at practice, in the classroom, or working on extracurriculars, I now realize what it means to make sacrifices. Colgate is tough- you know that- so you gotta get tougher and exceed the limits and standards put before you. Do not be afraid of hard work and be persistent in accomplishing exactly what you want to do!

BE A MOVER… Don’t get complacent!!! Now is your true time to shine. Leave Colgate a better place than it was when you arrived. Get out there and make a difference; create new traditions, support your peers, and constantly ask how you can help others around you. Rock to your own life’s remix and lead the way.

AND A SHAKER! Have a dance party EVERYDAY! It’s okay to shake things up around here! College is a time to find yourself and what you truly stand for, and often this comes through trials and tribulations. Stay positive, upbeat, and lively; lean on your friends for energy and bring enthusiasm and charisma with you wherever you go.

OPEN YOURSELF UP- There is no “Colgate Bubble.” If you believe there is, then you should be trying to burst it! I think my most memorable times have come from exploring personal inhibitions and shattering them. Introduce yourself to others, hang out with different people and learn from their insights and personalities. Relationships are beautiful things and you can never have too many friends, so don’t be shy! Sign up for random classes, be creative, modify your “daily schedule,” and see where these different paths lead you- I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

GIVE BACK Where we are today and what we have now is the result of others’ time, passion and devotion to our continued success. Construction has been difficult and controversy has loomed large, but see the bigger picture and look to the future of this institution. Be a part of the change you want to see. Stay connected and help provide your great experiences for future classmates!

HAVE NO REGRETS- THIS IS IT! Dare to go, be, do, dance, laugh, live, cheer, glitterize and love every single second of it. Make decisions you’ll be proud of and do what your (sober) heart tells you is right. Look back on these four years and know you made the most of them- I can assure you it is a wonderful feeling.

NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP Please promise me this! Crew has taught me that endurance is EVERYTHING. As long as you stay strong- mentally and physically- and believe you can do it, chances are that you can and will. Hardships are only a matter of time and you will persevere to get through them. In the words of G. Austin, “ALWAYS Be a Fighter.” Fire up, give it your best shot, and HAVE FUN!!

LIVE IT UP & LOVE IT ALL! Thank you EVERYONE- from the bottom of my heart- for the most amazing Colgate experience ever. To my friends- yes, that means you- I LOVE YOU. I love everything about you; the ways you’ve moved me, changed me, inspired me, and pushed me. I am who I am because of YOU. I will look back on our Jug nights, dorm parties, group projects, insane all-nighters, late night drives, Mobil runs, Taylor Lake swims and simply laugh and smile. We were crazy and fun and hysterical and fabulous and I loved it. I really hope you did too! To the Maroon-News Staff: You are SO HOT RIGHT NOW. You kids are amazing and you’ve kept me young! Nobody else will ever understand what goes on in 304, but keep up your fantastic work and stay JAZZY for life! Franky B and SteveS- I am very lucky to know you and I love you both so much. Thank you for putting up with me, and I wish you nothing but unbelievable success and happiness in the future. You know I’m ALWAYS here for you, please don’t ever forget that-and Steve, NY sports will always reign supreme! To my TEAM- there are just no words. What we’ve been through, what we’ve accomplished, sacrificed, felt, seen, experienced…it cannot be written about. You know what I want to say though, and in the words of Khaled, “Never Quit.” Look how far we’ve come and how far we’re about to go. We’ll forever be a team and I thank God everyday for that. You are my family, my life, my absolute everything and our bonds cannot be broken. I love you unconditionally, I thank you, and I apologize for always being late! And remember: “WE ARE COLGATE. ROW LIKE COLGATE.”

Mom, Dad, Scarlett, Lizzie, Martha and Richard- I live everyday for you and I love you. Thank you for making all of this possible…I’ll be home soon~

On this one, JMS*