Progressive Student Network Receives Campus Life Award

During the month of March, the members of the newly formed Progressive Student Network (PSN) made significant contributions to the Colgate community by organizing Genocide Awareness Month and increasing on-campus awareness about genocide. For this reason, PSN is the recipient of Konosioni’s Campus Life Award for March.The events of Genocide Awareness Month were exhaustive. Throughout the month, members of the group operated Coop tables to advocate for an end to the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan. On March 6, they kicked off Genocide Awareness Month with a Letter Writing Power Hour against the Darfur Genocide. On that same day, they began a Penny Drive to benefit the Genocide Intervention Network (GIN), which lasted until March 10, the last day of classes before spring break. After the break, the group resumed its organization of Genocide Awareness Month activities. On March 24, they sponsored a film screening of Hotel Rwanda, and on March 29 they sponsored Rock Against Genocide to benefit GIN. Genocide Awareness Month culminated with the appearance on campus of Paul Rusesabagina, the hero of Hotel Rwanda, who gave a lecture in Memorial Chapel titled “Hotel Rwanda: A Lesson Yet to be Learned.” The lecture, for which the Chapel was filled to capacity, followed a dinner with Rusesabagina attended by several students and aimed at benefiting GIN. The Konosioni Campus Life Award recognizes one campus group every month whose contributions to the Colgate and Hamilton communities were especially significant during that month.