IM Softball Playoffs Set to Begin

With the intramural softball regular season set for a Sunday finale, it’s time to take a look ahead at the playoff picture that will play out on Whitnall Field starting next week.

In the Division I Playoffs, comprised of teams from Leagues A, B and C, the team to beat at the end of the season appears to be the team to beat from the beginning of the season: Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau) A. Before the result of its game with Cobra Chi A late in the day on Thursday, Phi Tau was set to enter the playoffs undefeated in League A at 3-0. With such a record against the toughest competition in all of intramural softball, Phi Tau is both the easiest and safest bet to win the Division I Playoffs.

Two other teams from outside of League A to watch out for in the Division I bracket are the Dream Team and the Yo Mets.

The Dream Team, one of two teams comprised of varsity hockey players, won a 20-16 slugfest over Delta Upsilon (DU) B on Monday. This win propelled the Dream Team to the top of the League B standings and also showcased the team’s ability to withstand an offensive juggernaut like the hard-hitting DU B squad.

In League C, the Yo Mets tore apart the competition, defeating its closest competitor, the Brothers, 19-2 this week. Defending its Division I title from last year, the Yo Mets have an advantage because it has played in a lower league this season and, as a result, may very well be overlooked as a dangerous middle seed in the Division I Playoffs.

The Division II Playoffs encompass teams from Leagues D, E and F.

As the League D champion, Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) would be the easy pick to win the tournament after its 3-1 season in League D, highlighted by a 9-7 victory over Theta Chi B on Monday and a forfeit victory over Cobra Chi B on Tuesday. However, all three leagues in the bracket have teams that can catch fire and surprise any of the top seeds from League D.

Prognosticators should be advised to keep their eyes on the two top teams from League E: 151 High Octane and the Diabeatings. While 151 High Octane defeated the Diabeatings earlier in the season, the Diabeatings come into the playoffs after routing their last two opponents by a 42-17 margin and are certainly playing their best ball of the season.

Other early round surprises could come from teams like the Pig Slammers out of League E or a strong West team out of League F. Despite strong performances at times this season, one should be advised to look at the top five or six seeds in this bracket when picking an eventual champion, especially in the muddled mass of CCF, Phi Tau B and Theta Chi B in League D.

The Division III Tournament is made up of Leagues G and H, concentrating on co-ed and women’s teams.

There will be few surprises in the Division III bracket, as the top teams from League G should easily advance to the semifinals. Stillman finished its regular season 3-1 to move to the top of League G and will likely see either the Counter Revolution or the Crazy Flamingos in the championship.Look for the Counter Revolution to come together just in time for the playoffs and win the Division III Championship over Stillman in the final round.