Colgate’s Advice Expert Examines Shy Guys and New Singles

Dear Rosie,

I am a nice young boy (not too unattractive) and I am very much a relationship kind of guy. I know this isn’t the best relationship school, but how come I can’t find a girl to pamper with flowers and candy? How do you suggest someone like me catch a fine chick who also wants more than just one night?


Lonely Guy

PS: I’m not the only one of these guys, so help us all out

Dear Lonely Guy,

Boys ask girls out all the time – you just don’t hear about it that often at Colgate. Build up some courage and ask someone out for coffee, slices, lunch or something along those lines. There is nothing to be scared about. Girls at this school don’t usually get asked out on dates. Use this “element of surprise” to your advantage. Most people will be shocked (secretly flattered) and will most likely say “yes.” Hopefully once this happens, the girl will take more notice of your positive qualities. Don’t get discouraged if the girl turns you down – you never know if she has a boyfriend or is hooking up with someone. If you want to pamper a girl with flowers and candy, then go for it. Most girls want more than a one night stand. They just think it is what the guy wants. Make sure to start off on the right foot and let the girl know you are interested in something more. Good luck.