SPW ’06

The snow has melted, the temperatures are rising, and the buzz around campus has turned to this year’s Spring Party Weekend (SPW). Each year, the weekend’s events offer Colgate students a refreshing break before finals week. However, this year’s SPW will be different from celebrations in past years, due to organizational and budget issues. Junior Matt Kroll, one of the students organizing SPW, said that this year is a “transition year.” With the Broad Street Community Council (BSCC) becoming more active and competing with other student groups for funding from the Budget Allocations Committee (BAC), SPW organizers have had to modify some events in order to make the most of what little money is available. “Other schools spend upwards of $100,000 on their spring parties…we’re only able to spend about $60,000, including money from fraternities, sororities and the BSCC,” Kroll said. “It’s a pretty simple problem – there is too little money available – but the solution is very complex and hard to figure out.” One solution SPW planners have resorted to, both this year and last, has been to relocate many of the events to Broad Street. Although this move was met with complaints by upperclassmen, economically it is more advantageous to stage most events on Broad Street because of the extra funding the BSCC provides. “We are also able to do more collaboration and get more people involved in the planning,” Kroll said. The weekend kicks off this afternoon, when the lawn behind Phi Kappa Tau, Cushman House and Creative Arts House will host the Profile Reggae Band. Later in the afternoon and into the night Sonic Symposium, DJ Logic, NBFB and Soulive will perform at Beta Theta Pi, while next door Delta Delta Delta and Sodexho will host a barbeque. Students in the mood for some laughs can also head over to the Palace to see comedian Howie Bell.On Saturday students can ride a mechanical bull at Phi Delta Theta where Dangerboy, The Royal Arms and Two Kings are also playing, and grab some barbeque at Gamma Phi Beta. Meanwhile, Delta Upsilon will have events running all day, including Giants of Science at 9 p.m. “Personally, I’m probably the biggest Giants of Science fan on this campus, so I’m certainly looking forward to that concert,” Kroll said. There are some who question how this SPW will hold up to past ones, but a lot of effort and planning has gone into the weekend. Let’s just hope it doesn’t snow.