My Last 500 Words

Meg Savin

I sit here curled up in my comfy chair of my downtown Hamilton apartment, sitting before my computer, as I have so many times before, and I struggle for an idea or an angle of approach for this column space. It’s comical, as I think about the many weeks in the Maroon News office approximately an hour before deadline when the staff comes to the realization that we have no editor’s column and our commentary editor asks, “Who feels inspired or particularly opinioned this week?” and the question is met with silence. It is not that we are a deadpan group of kids, but simply that one quickly learns that the most difficult part of journalism and writing on a regular basis is coming up with fresh ideas.

With a mingling of feelings at this moment, I come to the bittersweet realization that this is it. There will be no more desperate calls at midnight asking me to be creative…now…or to cover a last minute lecture or to edit all the sports articles because an editor who will remain nameless says, “I don’t want to edit sports, the commentary section is much more interesting.”

The Maroon News office has been an awesome place to mature (is this the appropriate word here?) over the past four years. I was anxious to write for the sports section when I first arrived early on Colgate’s campus for the simple fact that it would be an excuse for me to have to go to sports games. I like writing and love sports so, honestly, I thought, what could be better? I was clueless. I was poised to be the next Buster Olney and instead found myself freezing my ass off at many a “snowed out” softball game not entirely sure how to even put together a sports article, let alone ask the players the right questions. But, the Maroon News did for me the best thing possible-they forced me to do it, and keep doing it every week. Regardless of other work, or whatever else was going on in my life that week, my article had to be in on time.

Overtime I got feedback and by the end of the year, there was some improvement there, and a whole lot more confidence. I dabbled in editing and layout my sophomore year, and had an exciting junior year, having the opportunity to cover some controversial campus topics for the news section. I now find myself at the end of my senior year after another go-round of Wednesday evening first-edits, MN pubs, Sunday afternoon editors meetings, slices of green bean pizza, ridiculous Elias quotes, Rogers’ subs, questionable headlines, and late (but not as late as you, Steve) Thursday nights. I have emerged with a sense of accomplishment, competence and desire to perhaps pursue this field of work. What has made the experience so enjoyable, however, is the talented and incredibly dedicated group of students that surround me.

I have loved working with each and every one of you on staff and will miss this much more than I know now. Lots of luck to you all next year!