IM Volleyball Winds Down, Dodgeball Kicks Off

Before softball dominates the intramural scene on Monday, two other sports deserve publicity this week: volleyball and dodgeball.


Three rounds of intramural volleyball playoffs were completed on Tuesday night with few surprises in either division.

The undefeated and top-seeded League A champion Lolligaggers extended its season and postseason winning streak to six games after victories over both the eighth-seeded LNA Pound R’s (2-0) and fifth-seeded Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt) A (2-0) in Division I.

In the other half of the bracket, Phi Tau David pulled off the biggest upset of the Division I Tournament. The seventh seed shocked its first round opponent, the second-seeded Ringers, 2-1, before falling in the semifinals to the third seed and perennial volleyball threat, Theta Chi.

Division II likewise saw few surprises in its playoff action Tuesday night, as Phi Tau Conor and Phi Delt B advanced to an all-Greek championship slated for Tuesday.

Phi Tau Conor benefited from an average performance in the League B regular season, allowing the frat-based squad to come into the Division II Tournament as the top seed. In its first match, Phi Tau Conor steamrolled over eighth-seeded Beta Theta Pi, and this momentum carried over to its game against the fifth-seeded Diabeatings, defeating both teams 2-0.

Phi Delt B entered the Division II Playoffs as the fourth-seed, but after garnering the regular season title in League C via a tiebreaker over the Diabeatings and Theta Chi B, it is no surprise that the team has advanced to the championship Tuesday. Led by senior Will Birnie, Phi Delt B advanced to the final round by way of a Great Colgate Ballers forfeit and a defeat in the semifinals over an undermanned 2-3 Do Not Disturb team from League B.

In the championships next week, look for the Ringers and Phi Tau Conor to claim the top spots. The Ringers will bring unmatched intramural experience and volleyball talent to the table against Theta Chi A, while Phi Tau Conor’s athletic ability will leave little room for error for a consistent yet less-athletic Phi Delt B team.


While volleyball is set to wrap up on Tuesday, intramural dodgeball will kick off its season at Colgate on Sunday with round-robin league competition.

This season, the Recreational Sports Office saw 24 entries for dodgeball, including four from Delta Upsilon (DU) and two from most of the other fraternities.

On Sunday, six different pools of four teams will compete for top seeds in the Intramural Dodgeball Tournament that is slated for next Sunday. While last year’s champion, Sigma Chi, has no chance of repeating the feat this year due to its lack of entry in the year’s competition and the graduation of all its participants from last year’s team, several other top finishers from last year look to repeat their success.

The Diabeatings surprised all dodgeball prognosticators last year by finishing in second place despite being seeding in the 12th spot. The all-senior team returns all but two of its participants from last year’s team. Phi Tau’s A and B teams, Donkey Ranch’s A and B squads, and DU’s Wurst, Federation and Riley crews likewise look to use their intramural experience to make a mark on the competition this year.

Among surprises to-be from pool competition, Pools I, III and V are comprised of three new entries each. If these teams can dominate their pool play, a top seed and an easier path to the latter rounds of the dodgeball tournament are theirs for the taking.