Colgate’s Advice Expert Speaks the Truth About Coming on Strong and Coming on Stronger

Dear Rosie,

I recently found out that the guy I’ve been crazy about for months broke up with his girlfriend. I don’t know how long ago it happened, or if he’s looking for a new relationship yet. How do I feel him out?


Hesitant in Hascal

Dear Hesitant in Hascal,

This boy is probably not looking for a new relationship… yet. If he just broke up with his girlfriend, the last thing he wants is another serious commitment. Who wants to jump from one relationship to another? He needs time to cool off and clear his head.

You need to be careful – don’t be his rebound. Until you are positive that he is over his past girlfriend, try not to make a serious move. It won’t last. Learn a little more about this guy, and become casual friends (if you aren’t already). There is plenty of time for things to heat up. Be patient about this guy, and if you are really crazy about him, it will be worth the wait.

Dear Rosie,

I keep accidentally blurting out the names of good-looking people I keep track of on Facebook when I talk. Sometimes I even mention the names of people I know from their hometowns or something really funny they were doing in one of their other pictures. It’s starting to get really embarrassing. Do you have any advice about how to keep my knowledge to myself? Thanks in advance. I think you’re great!


Poking in Persson

Dear Poking in Persson,

If you ever find yourself in an awkward situation because you reveal too much information, play “the ignorant card.” Try to act like you mixed the person up with someone you actually know. Act confused. Say something like, “Oh, wait… that isn’t you, I guess,” or “I’m sorry I must have confused you with someone else.” Don’t reveal that you stalk them on Facebook. People will get extremely creeped out. No one wants to know that you memorize funny things about their lives in tagged pictures. I understand why this is an embarrassing situation for you. Another solution would be to completely stop looking up people who you don’t know. Making real friends is much more rewarding. Until then, try to keep your mouth closed when meeting “new” people.