Despite recent snow flurries and blustery winds, Spring Party Weekend (SPW) is on the horizon. One of the most anticipated social events at Colgate, SPW will begin Friday, April 28, and last until Sunday, April 30. Just as last year, social activities will take place along Broad Street, as opposed to SPW’s previous location on Whitnall Field.”Broad Street is the best way to go,” junior SPW organizer Matt Kroll said. “Whitnall Field was not cost-effective. By holding SPW on Broad Street, we are able to get contributions from the social funds of the Broad Street Community.”SPW will kick off Friday afternoon behind the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house, Creative Arts House, and Cushman House with a live band and barbeque. The band has not yet been determined by SPW committee planners. Beta Theta Phi will host a party Friday night featuring Ari Hest. On Saturday afternoon, Delta Upsilon (DU) will host several bands and a barbeque. Danger Boy, a band composed of several Colgate professors, will perform at Phi Delta Theta. On Saturday evening, DU will feature Giants of Science, an 80’s cover band. The Palace Theater will also be hosting a social event sponsored by the student group We Funk. Planning is still in progress for several other, smaller SPW events.Funding has been an issue for SPW in the past, but that is not the case this year. The committee has faced some difficulties in securing funds because the Budget Allocations Committee (BAC) has run out of money for student groups. Fortunately, the SPW committee was able to secure much of its funding before this occurred. Senate members have proposed a resolution to automatically set money aside each semester for SPW so that Colgate will be able to host more parties and better bands. If passed, the resolution will go into effect next year. SPW depends on about $25,000 from BAC funds (out of a total BAC account of $300,000 per semester), but there are hopes that that amount will double by next year. Funding is also provided by the Broad Street Community.”Spring Party Weekend wouldn’t be happening without the contribution of the Broad Street Community and the Greek Houses,” Kroll saidThe Greek organizations not only provide their houses as a location for events, but allocate $3,000 to $12,000 of their social funds for SPW.