In the Light: Steph Wortel

Stephanie Wortel is someone you might not catch wandering around campus. Between serving as president of a newly-revived Masque & Triangle, co-president of University Chorus, an Astronomy-Physics major conducting research on the Circular Twin Paradox and an actress of unparalleled range and flair, she’s much too busy for that. Indeed, she jests about her demanding schedule by proposing that she will “sleep once [she’s] dead.”

Wortel, who helped write the constitution for Masque & Triangle, serves as president of the group during its first year on campus since the 1950s. The group has sponsored many events, including Guerrilla Theatre, Pirate Day and Halloween Bandfest at Creative Arts House.

A thespian herself, Wortel has acted in at least one show per semester. You can see her this weekend in The Decameron, and few missed her performance as Columbia in The Rocky Horror Picture Show last year, tap-dancing and singing her way through the hilarious performance.

Co-president of University Chorus, Wortel had her senior recital this past week, performing in four languages. “I did some musical theatre and some Italian and German opera,” Wortel said.

In addition, Wortel has served as a Link for the British Comedy First-Year Seminar the last three years. Her work with the seminar, which puts on a production each semester, has “proved incredibly valuable to me as a performer, as it has allowed me to get to know many different aspects of the performance.”

While abroad in Australia last spring, Wortel was given funds to take voice lessons as part of the school’s Alumni Memorial Scholar program. She also traveled to Hawaii to study astronomy.

“I would like to get a technical degree,” Wortel said, “but I’ve discovered … that I’ve just got to act.” Therefore, this budding star intends to make her way to New York City upon graduation. In five years, she sees herself “waiting tables at an upscale restaurant and playing Chorus Girl #5 in Kiss Me Kate and loving it.”

This is the kind of energy and charisma that Wortel brings to all she does. She is also Secretary for Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society, as well as a ballet dancer and the Arts and Crafts Coordinator for SideKicks.

“Colgate is the best place I know of to try everything and discover new things about yourself,” Wortel said. “Four years go by too fast for you to let it slip away.”