Bhangra to Spice Up the Night

By Atit AminSports EditorCheck your calendar folks, because it’s that time of the year again. No, I’m not referring to the Final Four because, in all likelihood, you’re favorite team has long been eliminated from the Tournament. To overcome any lingering March Sadness, flip ahead to your April calendar and you’ll notice that the month will start out in style with the anticipated return of the South Asian Cultural Club’s (SACC) biannual Bhangra Night. In keeping with the club’s credo of promoting facets of various Oriental cultures, this semester’s celebration will incorporate traditional South Asian elements, while also seeking to build on its past successes. For many members of club, as well as students who come for the experience and enjoyment, it is truly a night that leaves all with a smile on their faces. For sophomore Kashif Ahmed, the distinguishing characteristic of Bhangra Night is the vibe created by the Punjabi music. “Bhangra Night is really conducive to dancing and the atmosphere is really tailored to those who want to have a good time,” the future Co-President remarked. The work that goes on behind the scenes to put together these unforgettable nights are a hidden secret that is often overlooked. From developing a creative theme to choosing a unique color scheme, SACC is always striving to outperform itself from semester to semester. As a result, celebrations such as the one tomorrow night are just one part of a grand scale of events that have allowed SACC to flourish on campus. Catering to an audience whose musical tastes generally exclude bhangra presents a challenge. Spoken like a true leader, junior Amar Bhakta, who also doubles as a DJ for many parties, overcomes this problem by integrating Bhangra with better known genres of music. “It’s all about familiarity. The key is to drawing people in with music that sounds familiar, namely, mainstream hip-hop. That gets them in the mood, at which point you start throwing in remixes with Bhangra beats,” Bhakti said. To the club’s benefit, many students have taken a keen liking to the rhythmic music and ambient atmosphere created by Bhangra Nights because it not only offers a novel and unparalleled experience, but also offers an ideal opportunity to become cultured. As a case in point, junior and Secretary Zabrina Krishnamoorthy notes that “It’s the only place where you will find a bunch of people hopping up and down on one foot in a circle, while pointing towards the ceiling. That is something rare at Colgate.”For those intimated by the hopping and shouting of “Balle Balle,” there is another reason to attend Bhangra Remix. Sophomore Andrea Berardi enjoys the parties simply because “its high-energy fun, especially to dance to, so Bhangra is definitely a winning combination.” Since its creation three years ago, Bhangra Nights have been held at Creative Arts House and this semester will not be any different. You can certainly look forward to dancing the night away to great music, fulfilling any cravings for South Asian cuisine, in addition to simply having a blast with friends. If you still happen to be on the fence, then ask yourself a question, according to Ahmed. “Are you down with brown? Show up and get down at Bhangra Remix because your shoulders will feel it in the morning!”