Stylish Designer Sacks For Spring

Spring has sprung! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Just not at Colgate. Unfortunately, spring in this arctic tundra isn’t exactly conducive to wearing sundresses and espadrilles, but just because it’s cold and cloudy doesn’t mean you can’t have a splash of spring in your wardrobe. Carrying a spring bag is the ultimate way to submerge yourself in the season. It’s okay to carry one of this season’s raffia clutches or canvas totes while you’re wearing a cozy cashmere sweater. The shapes, studs and styles of the spring bags for ’06 are so spectacular that you’ll forget all about the chilly weather.

Satchels are a staple for spring as designers are putting a new spin on this classic and practical bag. Isabella Fiori’s cream Cory Laced Satchel embodies the biggest bag trends of spring. With a woven texture, brass hardware and a plethora of pockets, the bag has an edgy, chunky feel, but the sassy satchel’s crisp white leather and intricate detailing maintain the classic chic that is seen throughout this spring’s collections. Be & D’s Garbo studded satchel has a much simpler shape, but the metal studs covering the bag will certainly make you stand out. Shown in white with platinum studs and handles or cognac with gold studs and tan handles, the neutral colors of this stylish sack make it perfect for spicing up any spring outfit. Search for satchels in crisp whites, neutrals or weathered metallics and your outfits are sure to be a success.

Once again, hobos are huge this season, but that doesn’t mean that you have to run to Bottega Venetta and grab the woven hobo that even homeless people are carrying by now. Be daring, be different! Designers this spring have had it with basic bags and have hatched some hobos that exemplify the trends of the season. Cole Haan’s G-Series nubuck and rope bag is springy, sporty and adds a splash of nautical to the hobo style. This camel leather bag is dashing and durable. The white rope handles, drawstring top and gold studs and hardware make this bag the perfect compliment to any casual cool outfit. Kooba’s Carla braided leather hobo brings a bit more refinement to the homeless look. Brass hardware and braided drawstring top add a touch of texture to this slouchy bag’s soft metallic gold leather. With this bag under your arm, you’ll be a spring showstopper!

Tons of designers are tossing totes into stores for spring, but Jimmy Choo got it right with his camel crocodile Ramona bag. The clutter of clasps, grommets, ties and tassels is currently a cute trend, but this Jimmy bag makes a simplistic statement and stands above its competitors. The camel crocodile contrasts the bag’s heavy build with a fresh color and smooth texture, creating a look that exudes casual elegance. It’s no shock that stylistas are speculating that this could be the “it” bag of the season. Other tote trends include metallics, canvas and leather combos and wicker or raffia weave bags.

Some stunning bags have come out of Spring ’06, but Kate Spade stole the spotlight this season with her colorful woven baskets. Kate’s comeback collection consists of wicker totes, clutches and the ultra versatile ravello baskets, but the Havana lawn chair bags are the stars of her spring line. Wicker bags are everywhere, but the Kate Spade collection is the only place you will find a bag made of plastic lawn chair tubing. Who else but Spade could create such luxury out of a lawn chair! Woven gold tubing is trimmed in white boarskin to create the boxy avita tote and the small and medium sized handbags. Carry Kate’s unique and clever creations for a look that’s fun, fresh and distinctly Spade.

Colgate may be cursed with year-round winter weather, but that doesn’t mean spring can’t be with you in spirit! Slide a spring bag on your arm and warm up your outfit!