Envisioning A Better Colgate

As candidates for president and vice-president of SGA next year, we seek to bring about changes to improve the general welfare of students. Because convenient transportation is important at Colgate, we see the need for a third cruiser in the shuttle schedule. To increase food options for students, we will push to get side dishes at the Coop. Because most students have bank accounts at a national bank, we will attempt to secure a national-bank ATM alongside the local ATMs that we currently have. With heavy academic workloads and little time to study for finals after, students could benefit from an additional review day before finals.Our awareness of these issues is the result of research and conversations with groups of students, administration, staff, and faculty. Increased communication with the campus community is the most important aspect of our campaign. Without effective communication, SGA will never be taken seriously. If elected, we plan to increase communication through polls and surveys, weekly e-mails from the president, a weekly article in the Maroon-News, and door-to-door visits. Listed below is a summary of our campaign platform.Campaign Platform (Summary)1. Visiona. SGA should be active rather than passive in dealing with student issues. 2. Athleticsa. Push to bring live entertainment to tailgates.3. Diversitya. We will re-organize an SGA version of the Diversity Council.4. BACa. Push for diversity in BAC membership from.b. Create a BAC web site.c. Try to raise the student activities fee. d. Find ways to get alumni money donated for student events. e. Have money reserved for Spring Party Weekend.5. Academicsa. Encourage the creation of a pre-registration program for students within their concentrating department. b. Push to have more finals self-scheduled.c. Support the addition of an extra review day before finals. 6. Student Lifea. Work to get a 3rd Cruiser implemented into the route. b. Push for a national-bank ATM to the Coop. We will also push for an additional ATM in the new library.7. The Librarya. Work hard to ensure the new library opens on time. b. Seek student feedback on the new library.8. Campus Dininga. Push for more competition in the food market. One way to do this would be for downtown businesses to create an alternative meal plan. b. Encourage the creation of a meal plan for sophomores living down the hill.c. Create a Campus Dining Governance Board to give Sodehxo feedback 9. Downtowna. Get students involved in new buildingprojects.b. Advocate increased allowance of students to live off-campus.Voting will take place on the portal on Wednesday, April 5, and Thursday, April 6 (seniors can vote too). With your help and participation, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.