From the Vice President’s Desk

Hello again from SGA-land. I hope the first four weeks of the semester have been exciting for everyone. As usual, it has been a hectic start to the semester for Student Government as we are still undergoing some very important changes and trying some completely new things. With little controversy across campus at the moment, it has been a great time to push for internal change, because we have the time to really reflect on our progress.

This past week saw the first meeting of a new Senate institution called Working Groups. We have established 11 such groups, each addressing a different issue voted for during our Issues Forum on February 7. The issues that the groups are starting off with are as follows: the possible return of Dadio’s, gym hours and machines, a reading period for finals week, review of abroad program sizes, re-activation of the ski hill, cruiser issues, an off-campus meal plan, double meal plan swiping, parking on the hill and at Cutten reviewing the University alcohol policies and evaluating the Broad Street Initiative’s progess.

Groups of four to five senators will be attempting to make progress on each of the above issues, pressing for answers and possibly changes. We believe this will be a great way to accomplish a lot with limited time, allowing your senators to utilize their abilities to negotiate and build relationships for the good of all students. I, for one, hope we are able to accomplish all of these goals for the simple reason that I miss being able to grab food at Daddio’s in the Curtis Circle and would love to log some time at the ski hill between classes.

Other things that are on tap for SGA at the moment include the all-important Presidential elections and the rapidly approaching Spring Party Weekend! There will be meetings over the next two weeks for those hoping to run for office this Spring, but there cannot be any campaigning quite yet. It would be great to see a lot of people run this year, so don’t hesitate and grab a friend and run for office.

Spring Party Weekend is on the horizon, and this year the plan is to again celebrate on Broad Street. We hope to have some great events at houses across Broad Street as well as at the Palace and possibly the Colgate Inn. It should be yet another legendary weekend, so call your friends from other schools and get them to make plans to be here on April 26th to get an early start on the weekend. This year we will also likely be selling bracelets that would grant access to all events throughout the weekend, a great convenience and money-saving solution. We will keep everyone posted as the plans become finalized, so get excited.

Thank you for reading and on behalf of Amy and the rest of your SGA representatives, have a great weekend. We will write to you again next week.