Beauty and the Beach

You’re drowning in work. You’re trudging through snow. You think that if you see one more person wearing Uggs, cuffed jeans and a long, down coat you’re going to be sick. Have no fear! Spring break is almost here! If you’ve learned anything from your Colgate education, in two weeks, you’ll be soaking up the sun on a warm sandy beach. But have you thought about what you’re going to wear while you’re sipping those pi?na coladas under the cabana? Don’t stress. All you have to do is dive into this spring’s swimwear collections. Whether you wear a string bikini or a one-piece wonder, the pool boys will be panting when they see you in this season’s steamy suits and cover-ups.

Metallics are a must-have on this year’s spring break circuit. Be sure to bring some serious sunglasses because the gold, silver and copper metallic suits of 2006 are blinding! Brilliant in dark copper or silver, BCBG’s basic metallic bikini is anything but ordinary. The suit’s classic bikini cut bottoms sit low on the waist and the halter-top is held together by a small metal ring in the center of the chest.

When wearing metallics, less is more. Stay away from busy patterns. Big, shiny bows are definitely a NO and, unless you like the tool-belt look, don’t go near a metallic suit that’s held together at every seam by metal rings or buckles. Metallic swimwear is meant to look sleek, and these obnoxious extras will make your suit look cheap.

Bold prints and electric colors are also making quite a splash in designer swimwear this spring. It’s no surprise that the Prince of Prints, Emilio Pucci, has a line of swimwear and accessories that will keep the beach bright even after the sun goes down. Pucci’s signature print orange, fuchsia, chocolate and lime halter bikini is a tropical temptation. This citrus sensation ties in bows at the bust of the halter-top and on each side of the low-rise bottoms. This touch of femininity adds just the right amount of sweet to the suit’s tart colors and saucy shape. If you really want to turn up the volume, slip on the swimsuit’s matching semi-sheer tunic or slide into a pair of gold-studded Pucci print flip-flops.

Louis Vuitton is ready for the sun with an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow Louis print bikini. This suit’s yellow flower print resembles the flower shapes in the traditional Louis Vuitton monogram. Combining delicate black and yellow ruffle trim with a sophisticated cut, this suit beams with sex appeal while maintaining a look of girlish innocence. A yellow and white check cashmere and silk cardigan cover-up adds to the suit’s understated sensuality.

There’s no way to understate the sexiness of this next spring swimwear trend. Animal prints are wild and savage, but they’re too much fun to pass up. How hot would you feel in Dolce and Gabbana’s zebra print bikini? There might be a stampede if you prance onto the beach in this exotic halter two-piece. The top ties in the back and the bottoms have a logo-engraved ring inset on the left side. Along with adding texture to the suit, the ring brakes up the repetitive stripped pattern.

You can’t complete this uncontrollable ensemble without Dolce’s matching Kaftan cover-up. African princesses would be lucky to slip into this open front, three-quarter sleeved zebra print cover-up. You’ll look so fiery and ferocious that you might just scare someone into buying you a drink to cool off.

Not everyone wants to bare all when they’re at the beach. Some people might be self-conscious. Some people might be as white as the Colgate snow. But some people might have just realized that this season’s one pieces and tankinis are just as cute, if not cuter than the two-pieces. Vix’s white Hampton tankini shows just a little tummy. A sailor inspired suit, the Hampton falls under the nautical trend that’s been traveling full speed ahead since the spring collections were released. The halter-top of this suit is held on by a braided rope side tie. The bottoms also tie on the side with a rope closure. Throw on this suit and you set for a spring break at sea.

La Blanca’s ruched halter swimsuit is the epitome of class. Beautiful in black or white, this one piece suit is sexier than any string bikini on the market. The plunging neckline is sassy but still modest and two crisscrossed pieces of material that run across the stomach and under the V creates perfect symmetry. This suit is reminiscent of an Aviator or Old Hollywood look and would be stunning with a large brimmed sunhat and big black sunglasses.

Cheer up and don’t look so glum. You’ll be on spring break soon enough so get excited! Get your base tan! Go to the gym! And splash into a store near you so you won’t get stuck skinny-dipping all break – or even worse, wearing last season’s swimsuits.