In The Light- Troy Somero

“Some might even go so far as to say I’m obsessed,” senior Troy Somero declared when discussing his affection for sporting events. “Sure I’m a huge sports fan. Every one of my extracurricular activities is somehow sports related, but those are also the things I’m most proud of.”

What Somero finds most rewarding is his role as the Student Head of Intramural Sports, which allows him to “essentially run the sports program as a student.” Somero gets to work on rewriting obsolete rules and supervising games.

His role as Commissioner of Intramural Sports has allowed him to take advantage of the sports world outside of the Colgate community. Last summer, Somero interned for the National Football League in their officiating department.

This year, you can catch Somero all over campus, including his current role as the play-by-play announcer for CUTV Basketball. “College basketball is my favorite sport,” Somero said; although he “talks fast,” he definitely knows his audience and “knows what they want to hear.”

Somero does more than just talk about sports. He is a four-year veteran of the Club Tennis team and writes about IM Sports for The Maroon-News. For three years, Somero has been writing what he calls “the shortest article in the paper.”

Recently, Somero was selected as one of 20 students and athletes to form the Student Athletics Task Force. Together, students and athletes discuss ways to increase attendance at sporting events. Somero longs for the days when Colgate played the “big schools” and the campus joined forces to cheer heartily for its team.

“The important thing is to be passionate,” Somero said, who enjoys trying new things or doing old things in new ways. Somero is also a people person; it was this characteristic, he believes, that led to his success in extracurricular activities.

While Somero believes that “whatever you do outside the classroom is more important than what you do inside,” you can still catch him in class fulfilling his Political Science and History double major.

Somero’s success at Colgate will likely bring him success in his future. He would love to become a full time Athletic Director, fulfilling many of the same roles he has practiced at Colgate.

When Somero, the huge sports fan, meets the real world, he will rise to the top – much like the way Michael Jordan soars through the air before a dunk.