The Look is in the Bag

Where are you going for spring break? Are you jetting off to a tropical oasis? Or maybe flying away to a snowy ski sanctuary? Wherever your spring break escape may be, you’ll need something to carry your fabulous outfits, and unless you want to get dirty looks from the bellman, a plain old duffle bag just won’t cut it. You need some luggage that’s as stylish as your wardrobe.

No matter how you look at it, Louis Vuitton luggage is luxury. The classic monogram or check canvas is the route to travel with Louis’s luggage. Over the years, the Vuitton label has created more shapes and models of bags than you could imagine, but the Pegase and Keepall are the perfect pair for the style-savvy traveler. Set on wheels, the Pegase is a rectangular piece that is easy to pull through any airport. While the bag is small enough to be a carry-on, its deep main compartment and removable garment bag allow you to fit all your spring break essentials. The Keepall is the Louis equivalent to a duffle bag and is great for packing anything from swimsuits to sweaters. This mid-sized bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap and fits comfortably atop the Pegase for easy towing.

Spring break is all about self-indulgence, so why not let it show in your luggage? The Louis Vuitton shoe bag, although slightly over the top, is a smart supplement to the rest of your set. Nestle your stilettos and pumps into individual compartments to ensure they’ll have a safe trip. The Louis beauty case is another non-essential piece, but who could resist the classic craftsmanship of this small square trunk? The golden brass hardware and studs on this monogrammed masterpiece make this trunk more than a makeup case; it’s a work of art.

You’ll be the star of your trip if you travel with Prada’s new bronze Saffiano leather trolley bag. This shiny piece of luggage embodies the ’80s metallic rock-and-roll style that is overwhelming spring fashion. If you’re worried that the main compartment and outside zip pocket of this Prada piece won’t hold all your cargo, invest in the matching pink and bronze canvas travel bowler. You’ll certainly roll a strike in the style department with this bowler bag. This carry-on is terrific for transporting jewelry, makeup, toiletries or even that pair of beach shoes that, at the last minute, you realize you can’t survive without.

You’ll have a vibrant voyage if you bring along Dooney and Bourke’s bright bags. Dooney’s rolling trunks in black, bubblegum or white are covered with their colorful monogram. Featuring tan leather embellishments and a brass combination lock, these rectangular trunks have a classic style that’s contrasted with crazy colors. Dooney and Bourke continue to play off this old fashioned luggage look with their hat-box carryon. The circular monogrammed shoulder bag is an adorable alternative to the ordinary duffle or tote that most people throw in the overhead compartment.

Looking for something that’s a pinch more practical? A dash more durable? Look no further than the Lacoste Voyager series. Lacoste’s Duffle on Wheels is a spacious piece with copious compartments. Offered in black with olive trim or red with beige trim, this duffle’s structured, rounded shape and durable polyester fabric make it attractive and practical. The Upright is another trolley bag, but is slightly smaller and more rectangular than the Duffle on Wheels. The Shoulder Bag is Lacoste’s must-have matching carryon. Complete with two outside zipper pockets, detachable shoulder strap and of course, that cute crocodile, the shoulder bag is essential for the preppy traveler.

Buckle up, travel safe and pack smart in some designer luggage. Carry your clothes in these suave suitcases and you’ll never grab the wrong bag at luggage claim again!