ALST Day Celebrates Culture on Campus

Thursday marked the inauguraation of Africana and Latin Americal Studies (ALST) Day here at Colgate. Over the course of the day, the ALST Department held several events to give all students some exposure to the program.

Events focused on the different types of food, music and art of the different cultures. A panel also examined the current socio-economic issues these cultures face in relation to the types of music for which they are best known.

ALST program assistant Regan Jackson explained that in addition to getting the word out about the ALST programs. ALST day is a chance to examine and share these cultures with Colgate and the Hamilton community and learn something from the diversity within the student body and faculty.

Yesterday began with a breakfast at the Women’s Studies Center with Jazz music presented by DJ Henoch Derbew ’07.

An Urban Music Brown Bag, featuring student panelists who discussed the history of different Africana and Latin American music genres and how those histories were often intertwined was held over lunch.

The panelists included Henoch Derbew ’07, Jon Lopez ’06, Amanda Pedraja ’07 and Victoria Lowe ’06. They discussed the overlaps in Jazz music from Ethiopia, Rap, Reggae, Reggaton, Hip Hop and Ska. Speakers also noted the common thread of the need for different social change for the pioneers of these genres.

ALST Day was also a chance for students to experience something other than the usual Frank Dining Hall fare. Frank served a variety of African and Latin American Dishes. Professors Steven Bachelor and Louis Prisock held a cultural cooking show at ALANA Cultural Center which featured Mexican and Soul foods.

Arts of other persuarions were on display in the Kickin’ Brass exhibition in 111 Alumni Hall, which presented copper alloy African art.

ALST day concluded with a Talent Show at the Palace Theater co-hosted by We Funk that featured both student and faculty talent.