It’s True… You Can Buy Love

Okay, we get it. It’s Valentine’s Day. So what are you going to buy to impress your sweetheart or cheer up your single friends who will be moping in their rooms on Tuesday night? Chocolate, lingerie, red roses, blah blah blah boring. Yes, I know it’s a mushy Hallmark holiday, but it would be original to make some effort and buy a gift that says something other than “I’m sorry you’re so lonely and single” or “You’re so hot; throw on this negligee and let’s get busy!” The former is just depressing, and as far as the latter goes, if your girlfriend wanted to play dress-up and make your dreams come true, she would have done it already – so let it go and don’t push it.

Start thinking with your head and look for gifts that aren’t kinky and clich?e, but clever and cute. An original gift will get you a lot farther than some ridiculously romantic over-the-top extravaganza and, luckily for this year’s Valentine’s Day shoppers, brands like

Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade and Juicy Couture have fun and flirty gifts for friends and girlfriends alike.

Don’t pant boys, but panties make for the perfect Valentine’s Day present. I know what you’re thinking, but wipe those images of luscious lacy booty shorts and see-through thongs out of your head. Instead, look for comfy cotton boy shorts or bikinis with catchy sayings printed on the back. Juicy Couture offers creative combos of panties packaged in pink heart-shaped boxes. Juicy’s Days of the Week box set is the perfect gift for gal-pals and includes a pair of bikinis for every day of the week. These colorful pairs of underwear sport sayings like, “Just another Juicy Monday” and “Saturday Night Juicy Fever.” Looking for a love connection? Get your girl the Adult Valentine’s Day Boy Shorts Set. She won’t be able to resist you after receiving boy shorts with sayings like “Couture Vixen” written across the booty.

If your lady friend is a bit more of a vixen, take a look at Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Little Thing collection. Pick up your princess the Sexy Little Thing tiara set, complete with crown, v-string and a satin banner that Miss America wouldn’t get caught dead wearing. A pair of Vicky’s black and pink boy shorts and the Sexy Poker Kit are gifts that are both fun and flirty. Surely, any of Colgate’s cunning co-eds could think of a million different ways to play with the pink cards and 30 poker chips that come in the set’s slinky satin pouch.

Whew, it’s getting a little hot in here. Let’s cool down with some cold weather gift ideas that are completely appropriate for the very pure and preppy Colgate student body. Moschino’s heart snow hat and glove set is the perfect way to tell your hunnie that you want to keep her warm. If Cupid ever got cold, he’d surely be bundled up in this cozy combo. Burberry’s pink and white checked multi pompom scarf is also a thoughtful way to keep your baby bundled up when she’s out in the Colgate cold.

Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony collection is very Valentine’s Day. No one can go wrong if they give the classic Big Pink Pony Polo. The Pink Pony Totes are a preppy and platonic gift and the Pink Pony Cashmere slippers scream, “snuggle me!”

This season, Kate Spade has stolen every college girl’s favorite saying: “I heart you!” Kate has created white and red cosmetic bags and iPod cases and covered them with eyes, hearts and the letter “u”. This gift embodies the everyday life of the cheery Colgate female, as it lifts her AIM lingo off the computer screen and puts on her designer goodies.

Betsey Johnson has some groovy gifts for the funky flirt. The designer’s cropped black and pink heart print cardigan is a trendy way to express true love or friendship. A gold studded pink bangle Betsey watch is also an adorable way to show your amour how much you adore her.

If you’re not too love-struck, take these tips and get your girl a great gift, because Cupid can’t do all the work!