Credit Where Credit is Due

To the Editor:

Upon reading the January 27 article regarding the water main break, I found it disappointing that Mr. Tufts and the editors of The Maroon-News failed to mention the quick and strong response from our campus employees as well as the village employees and volunteers. The article focused on the inconvenience of those affected by the water main break, but failed to mention that the vast majority of the responders to this emergency came in on their day off. Many would say that this was an inconvenience, as some of these workers stayed past 10 p.m. to ensure that the water and heat to the buildings were restored.

Let me take this opportunity to recognize the efforts of the many people who responded quickly and worked long hours to ensure that water and heat were restored to the affected buildings on campus and to Community Memorial Hospital as a result of the water main break that occurred on Sunday, January 22nd.

First, I would like to recognize the Buildings and Grounds staff; specifically our plumbers, millwrights, heating plant personnel and grounds men. Special recognition should go to Joe Bello, Peter Babich, and Tom Kane in helping to coordinate and ensure that the proper repairs were made and service restored to the campus. Also, the response and efforts of the Hamilton public works department, police department, and our volunteer fire department wer once again “top notch”! Finally, I want to pass on our thanks to George Murray and Sodexho for providing meals and coffee for those who came in and worked that day.

Bob Pils Associate Director of Facilities