In The Light: Alex Shindler

Alex Shindler has taken Colgate by storm. With a perpetual smile and a palpable friendliness, it’s no surprise that Shindler is a leader in many groups working to make Colgate a better place.

As a member of Bacchus, an international organization of more than 700 colleges and universities focused on alcohol abuse prevention and other student health and safety issues, Shindler says he “fell in love with the group.” This year he is serving as “Mocktail chair,” helping to plan events that Bacchus brings to campus. “We’re not against drinking,” Shindler said. “No way. But we do want to promote responsible drinking, and get people aware so that we can reduce problems on campus.”

For four years, Shindler has been a mainstay in the Campus Safety Office. What originated as a work-study program of answering and directing calls from the main switchboard, turned into a job as Campus Safety Coordinator. Now Shindler is in charge of training and supervising all students associated with Campus Safety and is also responsible for handling money.

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Shindler was born in the Ukraine and immigrated with his family when he was eight. A lover of languages, he speaks Russian, Spanish and upon coming to Colgate, he became immersed in the Latin Department. He chose this major in part due to the “amazing professors.” He is also a psychology major and went to both Rome and Wales with Colgate groups.

An admissions greeter for four years, Shindler loves talking with prospective students about what makes Colgate great. You can also catch Shindler Latin dancing at World Expo, or as the Pre-Law Treasurer, helping bring lawyers to campus to talk to interested students pursuing legal careers. His first year at Colgate, Shindler served as a senator at large, and for two years he worked with under-privileged kids at Madison Group Home.

“What keeps me going,” Shindler said, “is that I am the first person in my family to go to college. My parents came here for me to have a better future. I do intend to have my parents’ dreams come true.”

Though involved in a plethora of activities, groups and clubs, Shindler remains grounded. “Get involved,” he said. “Be a leader. Because we are in the middle of nowhere. Either you can be drinking or doing work or you can get involved. Being so involved in this community has made me a better person.”