Letter to the Editor: Ugly Audience at Mr. Colgate

To the Editor:

I attended “Mr. Colgate” on Friday, November 18 and was extremely disappointed by the behavior of many of the Colgate students in the crowd. Many people came out to support their friends, and each contestant had his own “camp” in the audience. This made it really fun until some of the groups began to boo and heckle all of the contestants except their own. What should have been a fun, lighthearted event was quickly overshadowed by the rude, negative behavior of some of the audience members.

This was extremely unfair to the all of the contestants. It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and perform in front of a room full of your peers; yet these students accepted their nominations and agreed to participate for a good cause. They had worked hard on their acts, and booing them off the stage was no way to repay them for their efforts.

Not only were the rude audience members disrespecting the contestants, but they were also disrespecting the sisters of Delta Delta Delta, who had worked hard to organize a creative charity event. This is not the first time I have been embarrassed and disappointed by an audience’s behavior at Colgate, and perhaps it is one of the reasons we don’t have more events like “Mr. Colgate.”

I only hope I for more maturity and respect on the part of Colgate audiences in the future, especially towards their fellow students.