Singin’ and Shoppin’ In the Rain

It’s raining. It’s pouring. Your Northface coat is boring, so try keeping dry in something a little more interesting. Lately, walking up the hill has been like going on a death-defying quest in the Amazon during the rainy season, but what did you expect when you signed up for school in upstate New York? Hamilton is wet, dark and dreary, but why make your wardrobe match the weather? Let’s brighten up these rainy days with some gear that will keep your spirits high and your body dry! This season’s tempting trenches, juicy jackets and bright boots are sure to keep out the weather while keeping you in vogue.

Your flip flops don’t count as waterproof footwear, so throw out the thongs and keep your feet in fashion with some rubber rain boots. Everyone from J. Crew to Emilio Pucci has a wide selection of this fashion friendly footwear, so stop sopping and start shopping. Cancel out those rain clouds with some bright colored boots. Loud colors like yellow, red, pink and orange are all the rage in the realm of rain gear, as are crazy patterns and prints like multicolored polka dots and rubber duckies.

Ralph Lauren’s Tamba boots and Polo Sport’s Palau boots are simple and sunny. These knee-high rubber rain boots come in every color from radiant red to fierce fuchsia. Pucci’s bright and busy print rain boots and matching umbrella will catch everyone’s eye and keep you dry, while Burberry’s classic Nova Check High Rain Boots will give your waterproof wardrobe a toned down Old-English look. J. Crew also carries a boot with a classic look. Try on a pair of their textured-wool rubber wellies in chocolate or navy for a style stolen straight from the English countryside.

Have you ever heard of heels in the rain? It may sound absurd but Marc by Marc Jacobs is showing two titillating styles of rain boots that give just enough height. The Tall Rain Boot is beyond cute with its shiny rubber, shoelace bow and two and a half inch heel. You won’t have to worry about leaks in Marc’s luxurious Rain Boot with Fur. These boots are similar in style to the Tall Rain

Boot but are accented with a fur collar around the top. If you want to stay dry but don’t want the bulk of a boot, slide into Sigerson Morrison’s Rain or Shine Skimmers. These flat pointed slip-ons are made completely of rubber with shoelace detail. Dainty and durable, Skimmers will look adorable in a downpour or on a dry day.

Whenever there’s the slightest chance of rain, Colgate immediately transforms from a university into a bad Northface ad. Everyone owns that two-toned hooded raincoat, so be daring and break the mold. But how, you may ask, are you supposed to avoid getting drenched? Get trenched! Burberry is the obvious choice for a classic trench coat: their long or short trenches in tan, red, blue or black are timeless. But just because a Burberry trench will leave you soaked with style doesn’t mean you can keep wearing the brand’s out-dated baggy hooded windbreaker. That coat’s appeal was washed away long ago, and it isn’t coming back.

For a younger, more modern look, try Moschino’s Cheap and Chic Gabardine Trench. This short tan trench hits just below the waist and has all the fixings of the classic trench, from leather buttons to epaulettes. If tan doesn’t tickle your fancy, trenches and shiny slickers in bright reds, yellows and oranges will be sure to bring out Mr. Sun.

Some of the most magnificent raincoats are missing the one thing that will keep your hair from frizzing and your makeup from running. That’s right, a hood, but you don’t have to look like a drown rat because umbrellas this season are unbelievable! Burberry’s Birdcage Umbrella has a retro feel with its bubble shape and hooked handle. The Birdcage’s transparent deep PVC dome shelters you from rain while flashing a snip of pink or tan Burberry plaid around the bottom of the dome. Moschino’s ruffle-trim polka-dot umbrella is feminine and frilly in pink and black or red and black, and Pucci’s pricy geometric print umbrella will exquisitely escort you through any storm.

It you want to stay stylish and dry, drench yourself in the bright boots, saucy slickers, classic trenches and amazing umbrellas that are pouring off the runways and into stores.