You Are Getting Very Skinny …

“In a nation where two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese, some dieters are hoping hypnosis will finally break food’s spell over them,” states a recent report. Anyone who has ever experienced a food craving will understand the magnetic force that draws the hand to the bag, as you unknowingly, and quite shockingly, polish off an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that was supposed to be rationed over two weeks. Don’t be embarrassed; we have all been there. According to sources at CNN, many Americans have turned to the help of hypnotists to try to curb that uncontrollable food addiction.

Many folks believe that hypnosis consists of a tacky guy with a handlebar mustache and huge lapels on his suit jacket waving a pocket watch in front of your eyes, hoping that you will “squawk” like a chicken. This might be true for some, but hypnotists come in all shapes and sizes. There are now people trained in hypnosis that is specifically targeted at eating and the uncontrollable urges that come with it. Our country is struggling with the weight (sorry, bad pun) of obesity. It is scary to think that two out of three people have serious weight issues that could severely affect their health. There has to be a solution. Throughout history, people have managed to survive without tipping the scale. So, what’s going on now?

Well, I believe that one problem is the laziness that has taken this nation by storm. The Internet bears much of the blame. You can now do anything online, from ordering groceries to finding men. This makes it hard to build up the motivation to step outside into the big, scary world. While we are rotting away indoors, the kitchen is seductively calling our names until we have no choice but to give in to temptation. Hypnosis might help us gain control and a little more self-determination.

Like anything else worth doing in life, hypnosis takes practice and concentration. Guy Montgomery, president of the Society of Psychological Hypnosis stated, “For a stress eater [he] might tell patients to picture themselves in a relaxing place whenever they feel the impulse to overeat.” However, this is not the sole solution to controlling those cravings. It can simply be a happy addition to your current weight-loss plans. If you truly do have a problem with self-control, other types of therapies might be beneficial.

Lee Hubbard, a hypnosis user, reported to CNN that she has experienced great results. Now, whenever she feels like overeating, she takes a deep breath instead of reaching for the bowl of Hershey’s Kisses. She closes her eyes for a moment and pictures herself walking toward the candy bowl. As she is about to grab of fistful of chocolate, she instead pictures herself walking right past the bowl. I can directly relate to Ms. Hubbard. I would love to walk through the streets of Hamilton without being drawn into Maxwell’s by a force I cannot control. Furthermore, hypnosis would be my savior if I were able to only open just one bin to fill my candy bag instead of prowling the rows and taking a “small” sample from each bin.

In fact, the power of hypnosis would help me right now as I am writing this article. I want a Fudgsicle. I have Fudgsicles. Should I get up and walk the three steps to go and get one? Okay, concentrate…in my mind, I open my refrigerator door, take out a bottle of water and bypass the Fudgsicle. It worked! I’m cured! Well, not really, but I thought that I would try to give you the inspiration to conquer your favorite foods. If I can resist a fudgy bar, there is hope for all of you!