Spring Party Weekend Features Five Concerts


Students enjoyed a series of events April 12-13 as part of Spring Party Weekend.

The Center for Student Leadership and Involvement (CLSI) and the Student Government Association (SGA) hosted Colgate’s annual Spring Party Weekend from April 12 to April 13. The weekend included a variety of events, many of which were co-hosted by student groups.

SPW Committee member Abby Douglas said the group worked for many months to facilitate the weekend’s success.

“We worked to choose how the budget would be allocated, what events would occur, and the time and location of those events. We drafted every email that went out to the student body and sorted through every event application,” Douglas said.

First-year John Morgan attended various SPW events, including the weekend’s main event, the KREAM Concert, co-hosted by Blue Diamond Society, Brothers and Phi Kappa Tau.

“I thought the concert was really nice,” Morgan said. “It was really nice seeing all my friends there, being able to relax and have a good time, watching the stress melt away.”

“We met with many of the student groups to discuss their event ideas, and then met with the CLSI staff to determine how we would divide the budget to ensure that we could host as many of the submitted events as possible,” Douglas said.

Morgan was pleased by the diversity of students at the KREAM concert.

“I noticed a lot of people of color there and I think that it was really important for the campus to have an event like that,” Morgan said.

Both Douglas and Morgan felt the weekend was a success.

“I feel that it was a really fun weekend overall. A lot of people got out and enjoyed the weather and the events that were being held,” Douglas said.

In addition to the performance by KREAM, other SPW performances included two concerts sponsored by The Mat, The Wrecks and Lost Boys. There was also a Dreezy performance sponsored by the Black Student Union, Sisters of the Round Table and Organizations of Asian Sisters in Solidarity. Lastly, a performance by DJ San One was presented by the Latin American Student Organization. Other events included an SPW kickoff barbecue, SPW brunch, carnival and food trucks.

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