Hangover Chic

It’s Thursday morning and you have a 9:20. Too bad you were out until 3:00 am and woke up with the Jug stamp tattooed on your cheek. You sound like a frog from screaming to Call on Me and your head’s spinning from those five “last one I promise” drinks that you shouldn’t have had, but you did, and now you feel like a train wreck. However, just because you have a five alarm headache and are seeing double doesn’t mean everyone else has to feel nauseous when they look at you. It’s okay to rock the makeup from last night, but don’t throw on your grey sweats and a Colgate hoodie. At least pretend that you put some effort into getting dressed for class. So what can you do to still look cute but feel comfy? You’d be surprised! Throw on those big black sunglasses and get ready to learn about a world beyond track pants and Colgate sweatshirts.

Juicy Couture is always a safe bet when you’re going for that quick, cute and comfortable look. The velour jump suits are so soft you could sleep in them, but the slightly fitted pants and cropped hoodies and track jackets are surprisingly sexy. Throw your Juicy suit on with a basic tank or tee, or if you really feel like dressing up, try it with a popped polo underneath. Pumas, Diesels or ballerina flats look adorable whether you feel like throwing on the classic drawstring pant or the slightly more fitted snap-pocket pant. While Juicy is almost always a safe bet, avoid baby blues and fluorescent pinks. These aren’t appropriate unless you’re twelve years old or you live in the Playboy Mansion. Stick to more subdued tones. Juicy always looks great in black, charcoal or espresso, but if you want a splash of color, try the shades of ‘nature’ green or ‘delovely’ blue.

If you’re looking for comfort and luxury that will make you forget all about the tequila shots you took the night before, indulge in Juicy’s cashmere line. With styles in black, grey, green and burgundy, Juicy proves that there’s no comfort like cashmere. Another plus about these plush tracksuits is that you can definitely mix and match. Toss on your velour or cashmere pants with a cabled sweater or throw on the track jacket with a pair of yoga pants.

While Juicy might be the ultimate hangover-chic clothing, Hardtail makes super comfy yoga pants that you’ll be dying to slip into the morning after. Hardtail’s split-front and roll-down yoga pants look great with a basic tee. For colder days, try wearing them with a Juicy hoodie and a Northface down vest. While these fitted pants come in a rainbow of colors, you might want to stick to their darker shades of brown, gray, black and blue. No one looks good in stretched-to-the-max pale pink spandex.

James Perse came out with a fantastic addition to the hangover wardrobe this season. His stretchy wide-legged roll-down lounge pants are loose, flowy and crazy-comfortable. Although they are only offered in brown and black, these soft and stretchy cotton pants are a staple in the collegiate wardrobe. Throw them on with one of James’s tees and a fleece for a no-brainer outfit that you know will look good.

If you prefer to nurse your hangover in jeans, look no further than Chip and Pepper. These casual jeans feel less like denim and more like sweatpants. Giving its styles names like “Sorority Girl” and “Walk of Shame,” these jeans couldn’t be more appropriate for college students. While Chip and Peppers come in a variety of washes and cuts, its distressed styles are especially trendy; but no matter what cut or color you buy, these jeans will fit like a glove while feeling like flannel. In fact, Chip and Peppers are so fantastic that you could even throw them on with your maroon Colgate hoodie and still look like a rock star.

So whether you go out on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – the new Wednesday – or all three, just remember that even though you’ll probably roll out of bed with vodka seeping from your pours, you can suck it up, hide behind your Chanel shades and put some effort into your appearance, because none of us want to experience your headache when we look at your outfit.