Rockin’ the SGA Vote

Steph Tanguay

This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) election campaign is well underway.

Ballots were cast for residential senators on Monday, September 12, and elections for senators at large and class councils will be held on Friday, September 16, through the SGA website.

SGA’s president and vice-president, Amy Dudley and Preston Burnes, respectively, have led to many changes this year. The SGA has attempted to increase student involvement in many areas of campus life.

“There has been some very active campaigning early on,” Burnes said, “Even more than last year, giving an indication that the Class of 2009 is going to be a very involved class that does great things here.”

Liaison to Student Groups sophomore Rob Sobelman elaborated on that.

“This year SGA concentrated on first years to become actively involved in three ways,” Sobelman said. “President Amy Dudley gave an inspiring speech that laid out what SGA is and what it can be, interactions through links and RA’s promoting SGA, and Welcome Back Week. It’s no surprise then that this year the participation among first-years is exceptional.”

The election process is simple. Candidates for dorm senator are required to submit a petition of 25 signatures, have a statement of intent, and give a one-minute. Voting will take place by ballot in their respective dorms. Candidates for senator at large are required to have 60 signatures; voting for them will take place on the Colgate portal by the entire school.

All students may come to SGA Senate meetings, held on Tuesdays in the Ho Lecture Room at 7:15 p.m. to voice opinions, cast votes or simply listen to the discussions.

“All students are welcome to a Senate meeting to speak,” Co-elections Commissioner senior Rodney Mason said. “Anyone can come to see what’s going on.”

Dudley also stressed the importance of involvement among the student body.

“The Student Government Association is for all the student,s and we need the support of all students to make it function effectively,” she said. “We are here to serve as the highest representation of all students at Colgate.”

“Our job is to provide the vehicle and the structure under which students can change big things at Colgate, and be proud that they have contributed to the community,” Burnes said.

For students interested in running for SGA Senate, Mason offered some advice.

“Be prepared and knowledgeable,” he said. “Take the extra step to learn what’s going on. Meet with deans and administrators because they are the official policymakers. Finally, become involved in student organizations. I greatly encourage student groups to get involved.”

This year’s SGA is already making important decisions to benefit and improve Colgate.

“We hope this incoming Senate will join us in working on SGA and the Senate itself until we can honestly say that Colgate’s SGA has an audience of everyone, from the president to prospective applicants,” Burnes said.