Editor’s Corner

On the cover of the September 2 issue of the Maroon-News (“Where My Ho At?”), our choice of headline seemed to provoke many different opinions among campus faculty, students and staff.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that the writer of that story, Peggy Collins, had no input in the creation of such a headline – all headlines, captions and graphics are out of the writers’ control and fall within the realm of the editorial staff. Having said that, this headline was intended by a few editors to (gasp!) get students to read the newspaper. As the first issue of the year, we wanted to find a way in which all students would want to pick up the Maroon-News, since we feel that we put together an excellent product that we want to share with the rest of the campus.

Granted, there may have been other ways in which to do that, but so be it. In no way was our headline intended to belittle Mr. Ho and his tremendous contributions to the Colgate community; with the completion of the Ho Science Center, he will have done more for Colgate than most others combined.

The Colgate Maroon-News strives to be an informative, witty and honest source for Colgate news, and although some felt that we crossed the boundary from wit to tastelessness, we will continue to produce our newspaper for the enjoyment of all our readers, including the student body as well as Colgate faculty, staff, parents and alumni.

As always, if there is something about the Maroon-News that you find offensive, I encourage you to share your feelings with us. And if you find something positive with the newspaper, I hope you will let us know as well. Only through communication with one another can we make our newspaper better.