Thoughts From A Big Easy Native

New Orleans is one of the most unique cultural and geographical places in the world. At least, it was. I am not sure it will ever be the city I grew up in again.

I really do not think what has occurred has really sunk in yet: the fact that the house I have lived in for my whole life may have been destroyed; the fact that my friends’ houses may no longer be there; the fact that I may never be able to go back to my favorite spots around the city; the fact that the New Orleans Saints may never play in New Orleans again. I hope that everyone on this campus realizes how horrific the damages from this hurricane were. It has affected far more people than you can imagine.

Obviously, this is not the most ideal way to start my senior year. It is unbelievably hard to think that the city I have lived my whole life in will never exist as it did before I left to come up to school.

What makes this extremely sad is that a large percentage of the population of New Orleans was living below the poverty line. They really had nothing prior to Hurricane Katrina, and most certainly have nothing now. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild their lives.

I urge everyone on this campus to donate something to the relief funds that have been organized nationally and on campus. New Orleans will slowly rebuild, but it will take an awful long time. My city needs the help of anyone who can give it.