If the Shoe Fits… Wear It

If the shoe fits, it’s still going to give you blisters. Our feet have been breathing all summer, but it’s time to put the J Crew flip-flops in the closet and break out something a little more substantial, and unfortunately, a lot more constricting. Toes are trembling at the thought of points, and arches are aching at the sight of heels; but suck it up because even though the comfort of tennis shoes can be tempting, there’s nothing sexy about sneakers. Plus so much is happening in footwear this fall that you’ll be dying to make your feet bleed.

Flats are back in a big way. Whether they’re round or pointy, their cute and classy look is all over the fall shoe scene. Bows, rosettes and other adornments look adorable peeking out from under jeans, and muted metallics bring certain sophistication to cutesy round-toed flats.

Feel like dancing all the way to class? Ballerina flats are a charming and comfy way to cover your feet. Navy, pale pink and teal are just a taste of the color palate available this fall. If you’re looking to wear flats for a fun night out on the town, stick to points in black, metallic or even animal prints if you’re feeling ferocious. A pointed flat in the right color and material can have all the sophistication of a heel without the pain.

Every foot loves a flat but it’s all about the boot this fall. Vintage, western and equestrian are overwhelming autumn fashion. These styles can all be worn with the tailored pants, sassy skirts and skinny jeans that ruled the runway. Designers are putting a modern spin on the traditional English riding boot. Because they are crafted from distressed leathers and adorned with bondage-like buckles and straps, the last thing you’ll want to do is romp through the barn in these pricey knee-high paddock boots. Pair them with some fitted Earnest Sewn skinny leg jeans and a chunky sweater or big belt for an unforgettable fall outfit.

For a more relaxed look, the cowboy boot is a must have. These boots are a great fit if you’re going for a bit of a bohemian look, because they’re perfect with ripped jeans or long skirts. The classic color for cowboys is brown, but reds, blacks and even blues are coming out from designers like Frye and Lucchese. Do away with the Docksiders and throw on these fashionable and surprisingly comfortable boots.

Looking for something a little bit dressier? Take a peek at some distressed slouch boots. With their stacked or stiletto heels, there’s no comfort in sight, but a pair of slouch boots in leather or suede looks super sexy with short skirts, tight pants or skinny jeans. Slouches can be used to create a look that’s boho chic or sophisticated and sultry. Look for styles that have zippers, ties, buckles or stitching to make your boots kick.

Finally, there are the shoes we hate to love: heels. Brace yourself and your feet because, as usual, there are more heels this fall than leaves on the ground. On the bright side, your toes don’t have to cram into those Wicked-Witch-of-the-West points as designers have been whisked away to the land of round. Pumps with wide, circular toes are featured with this season’s feminine fashions. Stiletto velvet pumps will add a luxe yet soft feel to the Victorian and masculine suiting that pranced up and down the runways for the fall. Probably not something you would want to wear to the Jug, but definitely with wool skirts, dressy slacks or even a cocktail dress.

The shoes this fall are sexy, sweet and super cute, so apologize to your feet, kick up your heels, and treat yourself to some of this fall’s trendiest footwear!