Hey Murph! Keep Your Comments in the Commentary!

The online version of the MN being the only version that I read, I was beginning to get worried that our beloved paper went out of business, or that the staff threw their hands up and said “screw the administration, get me a beer!” and turned their backs on the hallowed 3rd floor halls of the HOP forever. September 15th, and still no paper? WTF? But today I find all is well… almost all.

I turn to the news section and see the headline “With Bush Reeling, Democrats Need to Act.” Then I see that Dan Murphy tried to write a news article. Then I read the “news article,” and think, “how did ‘Shooting from the Left’ get into the news section?

Mr. Murphy, Danny, Dan-o, Murph, you do great things in the commentary section. But practically every word of your article in the news section is opinion; fragments of facts skewed by your listing-to-port worldview. Even the polls you use are bent to help you make your argument. You forget to mention recent polls that show only 35% of the general population think Democrats are being sincere with their responses to Hurricane Katrina, while the rest think they are using the event for political gain.

This might pass for “news” in the “newsletter” of the LaRouche in 2004 P.A.C., righ next to the “Cheney is Spawn of Satan, says Cheney’s Mother,” article. But not in our Maroon-News. We’ve got higher standards than that. Now get me a John Egan Special.

Greg Stevenson ’04