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RWANDA – Trials related to the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda are under way.

Recently, two ex-ministers – the former Mayor and Head of Industry and Mines – have been sent to trial for their alleged involvement in the killings. They are accused of sending fleeing Rwandans into churches and ordering Hutu militias after them, assisting the “hate radio” broadcasts of the now infamous RTLM station and leading Hutu militia groups.

Genocide criminals have fled to neighboring countries or to Europe to escape punishment from the local “gacacca” courts or the International Criminal Court based in Arusha, Tanzania.

Bringing these people to justice is a slow process, but current president and former Rwandan Patriotic Front head Paul Kagame feels that justice will eventually be achieved for those Rwandans who fell during those days in 1994 that are now etched in our memories.