In The Light: Casey McCormack



You probably know Casey McCormack best as Vice President of the SGA. Casey began his political career at Colgate as a member of the student Senate representing 92 Broad Street. Now he’s Vice President of the Senate. Casey has spent a good deal of time as VP responding to issues within the Colgate community. Although he stated that, “it’s a pretty thankless job,” Casey added, “I never had any illusions that it would be anything more.”

Casey has put his political skills to use in his fraternity, Phi Kappa Tau, as Vice President his junior year and Rush Chairman his sophomore year. With regards to his involvement in the fraternity, Casey remarked, “It has been a wonderful experience. Although I have been relatively inactive as a senior, because I have an enormous non-academic workload this year, I have made friendships that will last far beyond graduation.” One of Casey’s lasting contributions to his fraternity is the addition of Phi Kappa Tau on Broad Street, making it one of the first houses to be added in years.

Casey also showcases his musical talents as a member of the Colgate 13. During his sophomore and junior year at Colgate, Casey served as January Tour manager and organized trips all over the U.S. Casey considers his involvement in the 13 to be his “most rewarding” activity; it has allowed him to see 38 of the 50 U.S. states.

Casey’s love of music led him to join Student Committee On Providing Entertainment (SCOPE) and WRCU, Colgate’s radio station. As a member of SCOPE, he helped bring bands like Ratatat and the Walkmen to Colgate. Though no longer a WRCU DJ, Casey offered up one last musical recommendation: Interpol. Beyond these organizations, Casey “dabbles” in digital music production. For the past three years, he has been working with class-mate Jared McCarthy on musical projects.

Casey wishes he had got involved earlier at Colgate, and therefore urges first-years to become involved right away. As he remarked, “Because Colgate is a small university in a rural setting, we have opportunities that students at other schools rarely have. At NYU you can see a variety of musical acts on any given day, but at Colgate, you have the opportunity to get involved in something like SCOPE and contact a band’s agent, arrange the concert, publicize the show and then see one of your favorite bands perform for 100 people in the Pub. It’s far more rewarding.”

Oh and by the way, for three years Casey raised his own flock of sheep before coming to Colgate.